Wednesday, November 21, 2007

No longer flying under the radar

Sunday, Bishop’s 1st Counselor called me in for a little interview.

He did tell me an interesting story about interviewing my Andrew for temple baptisms in a shower stall in the temple!!

He asked if I would serve on the Activities Committee. I agreed. Then he asked if I would consider accepting a 2nd calling. I said it depends on what it is. He called me to Cub Scout Committee Chairman.

Of course as a parent, I am also a member of the Scout Troop Committee which met that evening. The Committee Chair, the Assistant Scoutmaster for 11 year old Scouts (Ray H), and me.

We met at what apparently was Rosemont’s traditional time - during the youth fireside. Convenient for the parents - one trip does all - except they didn’t come. Not too practical for having the Scoutmasters/YM leaders or Senior Patrol Leader come as they were all at the fireside. Next time we are trying the Thursday after Roundtable.

The Scout Troop Committee serves all the Scouts from 11-18, which in Perkins Ward and throughout the Stake apparently, is 4 different groups. We will see how this works. Vivian S, our Chair, is a dedicated Scouter, so I am sure that she will really work for the boys. She says that we really do have a Venture and a Varsity Program, not just empty titles. I hope so. I also hope that the Scouts do some things in combination.

No one knows anything about summer camp yet. Rosemont usually had ONE fundraiser dinner to cover camp costs. Apparently there is big money in having people bring desserts and then bid for them in auction. Maybe if the people involved have big money to spend. Perkins west is not so flush. Hopefully, it will work.

I am a little bit excited about my new callings. I just hope I can manage the time. I spent all my break time on e-mails to the WAC chair and to Cub leaders. WAC is supposed to have a calendar to the Bishopric by the first of the month. She says we are supposed to do activities every other month. I told her about some of our good activities. On the Cub side, I was telling them about training opportunities - especially University of Scouting coming up in January.

oh, I got my Visiting Teaching route, too.

On the home front, I donated probably hundreds of dollars of 20-30 year old Tupperware to DI last Saturday. I still have plenty. A little breathing room in a couple of cupboards and a few inches of actual visible counter space. Pathetic baby steps, but for us ACCOMPLISHMENT.

The boys and I also worked on our not so secret Christmas project. Orange Marmalade. Few of us have ever tasted it, none of us have made it, but we have oranges and not much money. We only made one batch of 7 jars, but we will do more. When? not sure, but hopefully before Christmas! This will be our gift to family and Home and Visiting Teaching peoples and my boss. We had a little bit left after filling the jars. Sunday morning we had orange marmalade on toast. We all wanted more. Success!

Tomorrow we face a canine invasion. Anna’s friend, Tuffy, is coming in the morning to be dog-sat for a week. And Sariah’s dog, Simon, is coming, I think in the afternoon, also for a week. Poor Velox! (The little black cat Joseph adopted. Our Found Cat signs produced several calls, but not from her former home.)

Wednesday, David and Teresa come to join the madness. They will not stay as long as the dogs. They are smarter. They leave early Saturday. We are lucky to have them that long. Teresa’s family has a tradition of gathering for chocolate dipping on the Friday after T-day, but David and Teresa are not going there this time.

I had planned on doing Thanksgiving Dinner at the church. Plenty of room, facilities, and chairs. Debi decided that we are eating at her new house, instead. Good, I have been wanting to see it. This does lead to some minor confusion about who’s in charge here, but I think she is. Was there ever any doubt really? Numerous e-mails between the whole group of us have gotten all the food assigned. Us and the Gonzalez’s. and Ingrid, the future Mrs. Robarts. poor thing. We are having turkey, goose, macaroni and cheese, among other things, of course.

Friday morning, several of us are doing a session at the temple. Weather permitting, we are all going to Fairy Tale Town in the afternoon.

Sariah and company will be in Sacramento until Monday or very early Tuesday, but they are in great demand. I don’t expect to see them Saturday, but they will come to church with us Sunday and maybe to Sunday dinner.

Maybe the boys and I will work on orange marmalade again Saturday.

I am supposed to be doing home evening and getting Christmas presents ready to go with the out of towners.


  1. Um. When I am involved, there is never a question of who is in charge. ;)

  2. Sounds like your life is busy and productive. Way to go! I love that picture at the top, by the way :-)

  3. Hey!
    You gave it away!
    I knew you were doing something with canning jars, but I didn't know what. You would have surprised me. But that's a great idea. I'm looking forward to tasting it.