Friday, May 2, 2008

Look Up and Smile

The Satellite Sisters asked:

If $100,000 fell into your lap, what would you do?


Ooh, there's so many things I would like to do!


Tithing first  $10,000  leaving $90,000


Save aside money for taxes – they say Uncle Sam takes a quarter of our money, so $25,000, now there's $65,000.  But I will get interest. : )


I would pay off my car, about $10,000 and maybe-probably buy a mini van, around $15,000.     40,000 left


Road trip - before Andrew leaves!  Say $1000.  Yosemite?


$10,000 for Andrew's mission

Save $10, 000 for Benjamin's mission or Joseph's if he decides to go first – somebody's mission.  It's ok if they both go! We will manage!


Whatever is left - $19,000 to work on the house. 
I probably should put fixing the house first (third, actually), but then it would probably take all the money!


If  I felt I could squeeze something somewhere I would get a Mac Powerbook.  Maybe a Pro.


That's the current version.  Fun to think about.  But, sigh, I just looked up and only saw my office ceiling.  Back to work!


by the way - What would YOU do?






  1. I'm not sure that $25,000 would cover the taxes on the windfall - I'd probably hold on to at least $10,000 more until all the calculations were made. So after saving for taxes and paying a tithe I have $55,000. It'd probably take $30,000 to pay for the rest of my schooling and pay off student loans. With $25,000 left I'd choose to spend it on computer equipment (up to $2000 on a large monitor, up to $2000 on a new laptop, about $1000 for other accessories), a European vacation ($?), and invest the rest (probably with the intention of using the investment for the down payment on a house after getting done with school).

  2. Hm you must have messed up because I didn't see "buy Debi ___" at all! ;) LOL