Saturday, May 31, 2008

Politicians are the same all over.

Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river.
Nikita Khrushchev (1894 - 1971)
Election day is Tuesday. Joseph, Andrew and I all have absentee ballots and could send them in anytime. Except we are completely confused about for what and whom to vote. I really would like to say none of the above. I now think that ballots should have a None of the Above option and if it gets the most votes, you have a new election with different candidates. The mayoral race is nasty. The prop 98 / prop 99 debate totally confusing. I cannot even remember what other decisions await electoral wisdom. Sacramento is in trouble.

Let's talk about something else.

Friday morning on the way to Seminary, Goldie faltered and died. Like she was being choked or something. When I turned the key, the engine turned over and quit. Instead of going to Seminary, we waited for a AAA tow truck and then waited for Car Care Plus to open. Anna did not like riding in the car on the back of the - what do you call a tow truck that takes your car piggyback instead of pulling it? She did get her morning walk, however, because Ben, Anna and I walked home - probably about 2 miles. Nice morning for it. I do wish I would learn not to carry so much stuff in my bag! and I could use an ankle brace.

I decided not to go to work. Had I been alone, I would have gone on in. Light rail is just a couple of blocks from the car place. But I didn't want to walk home and then walk back to light rail! Besides, the car place closes about the time I get off work. It gave me a chance to get a little (very little) work done at home. And I had a nice google chat with an old college friend recently reconnected.

Fuel pump. $767. ouch. I have the money in savings, but I did have other ideas on how to spend it! Scott said GM is famous for faulty fuel pumps and that it is best to never let the car get down below 1/4 tank. sigh I generally try not to, but.... well, I will have to try harder. The fuel pump has a two year warranty. : )

Just when I was working on loving Goldie more.

Had it happened before the Yosemite trip, there would have been no rental, maybe no trip.

I am just SO GLAD it happened here in town in a relatively safe spot to stop - not somewhere in the Sierra Nevada wilds on a narrow winding road miles from anywhere and no cell phone coverage!!

Today Debi and Chloe were in the Sacramento SPCA Doggie Dash - the 5k walk. Andrew, Anna and I went to see the big event. Such a lovely morning and it looked like such fun, we decided to walk along. Andrew and I got separated, but Anna and I walked the course through William Land Park and enjoyed it throughly (except an ankle brace would have been nice). Anna took a dip in a couple of duck ponds to cool off along the way. We took it easy the first mile or so, but especially after the duck pond near mile 2, we were passing people like crazy. (Walkers, of course. The runners were long since basking in glory and enjoying other Doggie Dash events.)

The guys and I did some touch up work in the underwater room. It is about ready to call good. Then we clean it out, get the old carpet padding off the floor and clean it up, put closet hanging stuff back in the closet, figure out window treatment and move the guys. Window treatment - do we want window coverings that are like sails, watery, seaweed, or ? The original "inspiration" was that the beat up old bunkbeds were like shipwrecks. I want to get the guys sheets and bedspreads to match the room. Probably plain blue? The same color each or each his own? I would like to take the guys and paint sticks to maybe Linens and Things and have them help choose, but they don't much like shopping.

What else did I accomplish today? I mowed the front yard - we cannot honestly call it a lawn, looked at mission papers, and had a nice phone chat with my dear aunt/friend Robin.

I will not get into the long list of things I should also have done.

Now I am late fixing dinner.

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  1. Oh yeah, I had forgotten about the Doggy Dash today. Sounds fun! :)

    Bummer about the fuel pump. :S