Monday, May 26, 2008

Sonora 1st Ward 5/25/2008

raw notes
-whole wheat Sacrament bread : )
-Jenna Dearden-The Holy Ghost
-inspire, reveal & teach all things
-when investigating as teen, parents imposed 1 year probation during which The Holy Ghost testified she was doing the right thing
-when her grandfather was killed in a robbery, The Holy Ghost nudged her to get home to her family calmly & quickly without seeing the crime scene & learning brutally. Normally she detoured by the family store on her way home just to see that everything was ok. This time she was gently prompted to go straight home. She had a calm feeling, no alarm. She arrived home t ofind lots of family gathered. Only when she was safely with people she loved, did she learn the sad news about her grand ather. -her best friend & family were there when she found out-her Bishop came and gave her a blessing
-we do not get a full testimony by skimming but by constant daily study
-Thomas S. Monson -our spiritual nature within us should not be dominated by our physical being
-Mary Young Williamson-as we let our light shine, we give others permission to do also
-the gift of The Holy Ghost grows with worthiness
-speaks to you in the way best for you
-spirituality determined by -outlook & priorities

--Todd Dearden - The Holy Ghost
High School administrator Did "Every 15 Minutes" at school-emotions raw - students "died" others were arrested-even tho they were acting-it was HARD-also he told about when his wife's sister was killed by a drunk driver
-he had only met J twice, once the night when her grandfather was murdered-he was impressed to call her-he wanted to help & support her in her troubles-that began their relationship
-of his wife he said, “I study the Gospel, she lives the Gospel”
-seek after the Spirit, look for it, pray for it
-prepare to be worthy-
-testifies of things that are true-'
-Moroni 10:5
-gives a calm spirit

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