Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What's on your mind, if you will allow the overstatement?

Fred Allen (1894 - 1956)

Last week, I even had a countdown clock to when I got off work Friday and the weekend, the long awaited, much anticipated, weekend would be begin. A special weekend, you ask? No, just the weekend! No-alarm-clock Saturday and some time to get something done, do something fun, and get a little rest. It ended up being a mixed bag.

Stamper’s 6 Club meeting Friday and I was the hostess. We had a lot of fun and made cute gift “pull outs,”

Saturday, started out ok. I don’t sleep in much, unfortunately, but then, that means I can get my laundry done and then the washer is ready for Joseph.

It was our turn to help clean the building. The building seems really big when you are vacuuming! I think Andrew thinks there is a tremendous amount of glass around the entries, too. I turned on my vacuum in the Relief Society room and it started spewing dirt! Blocked hose. Either the family that was assigned the chapel had not yet come in, OR they did it before Wednesday’s funeral. Wrestling the vacuum in amongst pews was no joke. Ben outsmarted that! He crawled under the pews and towed the vacuum along! Joseph thought that was a great idea and followed suit. I did not try it!

Long over due haircuts went without incident. We picked up some supplies to make chicken enchiladas for Sunday. Esther and Jared came over while Ruth had a scrapbooking class. Andrew took care of them mostly.

Kentucky Derby! The most exciting 2 minutes of sports. The favorite, Big Brown, a beautiful horse, came from the far outside and won going away. My pick, the only filly in the race, 8 Belles, took second. But! Even as we were watching Big Brown ease up and come back around, we got the word that 8 Belles was down. Then they showed her – flat down. The horse ambulance went out. She had broken both front legs and they euthanized her. I sobbed. It was the only thing to do. The jockey slid off ok when she went down. .

Last week I had won tickets to the ballet, but couldn’t go. I gave them to Miriam who took Esther. They had a great time. This week Miriam won tickets and gave them to me and I took Esther. We both dressed up and she wore a tiara. We also had a very good time.

It was a delightful evening, marred only by me seeing a little squirrel run over in front of us on the way out of our neighborhood. Glad Esther couldn’t see it! I often wonder why all the needless suffering in the world! There are fleeting moments of doubt. Less fleeting moments of sort of feeling sorry for Heavenly Father. Over all, or maybe under all, trust that the Lord will see that everything comes out right - eventually.

Every Sunday, I thrill to watch the Priesthood administer and pass the Sacrament.

Nice testimonies, nice lessons. Nothing earthshaking, or maybe I just wasn't much in tune.

The most exciting thing to me was Lynda P was called as Cub Committee Chair. I need to distribute the Cub stuff I have to her and the new Cubmaster Rod K. Wow! Both positions filled. I don't know how that works, I was always called to serve one and then needed to "act" the other.

Tom's birthday dinner had a Mexican flavor. Salsa and chips, chicken enchiladas, horchata and flan. I had nibbled so much while working on enchiladas that I couldn't eat dinner. Monday, on the way to work, I wanted the enchiladas! Had to wait until Tuesday dinner, however.

Ben made pizza for dinner Monday! What a nice guy,

Andrew and I went to Michaels. He bought a gift card for his email pal. I looked, unsuccessfully for crochet patterns.

Most of the family have drawn a secret someone for whom to make a homemade gift, I am glad that I have (finally) started, because it is slow going with set backs. I am trying to crochet a sweater (from a pattern I found online), but within a few rows, something is wrong, Either I or the pattern made a mistake. Which do you think more likely?! I am taking a break from the sweater to practice the stitch pattern on a scarf. I will try again, however. A scarf is just not enough!

Having gotten Ruth "Before Green Gables" for her birthday, I borrowed it as soon as she finished. She hasn't seen it since, As soon as I was done, Debi borrowed it. I think it has gone on to someone else and Miriam is waiting a turn - after school is finished for the semester. I went on to read the 8 Anne books. The first Anne books are fun. The last couple, especially the very last, are poignant.

Now, I "need" to go to the library and read the Emily books.

Our Accounting teacher gave us our grades to date a couple of weeks ago. What with extra credit, I had enough points for an A even if I didn't go to class again. I did homework and a couple of quizzes, but then I dragged to a halt. I went to a couple more classes - only a handful of students, all assured As still go - who knows maybe I would learn something, also to set up the computer and I like the teacher. She likes me too. She gave me some Sees candy to thank me for taking care of the computer.

Work is interesting enough to do, but not interesting enough to talk about, like any of this was! But I haven't blogged in a while. Now, you can see why. Too busy doing nothing interesting.


  1. I think your blog entries are always interesting and I wait impatiently for you to post

  2. Okay, I loved the Emily Books. I still need to check Amazon for the set.

    Your weekend sounds quite active. LOL


  3. I don't see why a scarf isn't enough. I like scarves.