Thursday, November 20, 2008

'he that hateth gifts shall live" Prov 15:28

Maybe I don't need life insurance then.
This gift exchange thing was supposed to be a stress reducer.  Maybe if you do it right.  Which, apparently, I don't.  Nor my housemates.  Around my house the tension, frustration, and pressure are mounting.  Not looking good for being ready to hand off our gifts on Thanksgiving.
Which is worse? Procrastinate all year and come into November with no idea of what you are doing OR have a "great" idea, work on it all year, and come into November with a minor disaster and no idea of what you are going to do about it?  Seems that you end up in much the same place.
Remember my famous, accidentally bi-colored project?  As I THOUGHT it neared completetion, I realized that it looks like it was designed for an overweight gorilla.  No reflection on the intended recipient who is definitely NOT an overweight gorilla!   Nor do I consider him/her to be a big ape. Trying to reduce the damage now.  I feel sorry for my recipient! 
This is why I opposed the drawing.  This poor person is going to get one homemade gift that is comic at best and one store bought gift thankfully not from me. If everyone was straining his/her meager budget to get gifts for everyone else, my recipeint would have had some chance of getting a decent gift. As it is.... (s)he may well envy poor street urchins who don't get anything.  At least THEY don't have to try to be kind and polite to someone who gives them a really lame gift.
Also, as I was not in the store bought drawing, I am now beginning to panic about what to get a large handful of dear ones in that department. 
Bah, Humbug!


  1. Thankfully, all of the participants in the exchange don't really care about the gifts themselves. It's nice that we've all grown up and aren't hung up on "getting". We care more about giving now. I don't think your recipient will mind, I'm sure they'll really appreciate and even enjoy your gift. :)

  2. At least it should be good for a laugh or two

  3. No one has ever made me a homemade afghan before. If I had one of those I would use it all the time, whether or not it was mistakenly made for an overweight gorilla. I wouldn't even care if it was bicolored. The fact that someone made it for me, specifically, would make it precious. Just my opinion.