Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slider Puzzle, Sweet Slider Puzzle

All three of the the boys are sleeping in their new room!  For all of them there is much more light than they are accustomed to.  I am hoping that for at least one of them, it helps improve health and spirits. 
They are taking to the change with enthusiastic good spirits.  It is definitely a step up for the two guys who had a corner of what is supposed to be the family room.  For them, now each having his own corner of the room to claim as his own space is a new treat.  Guy number 3 is giving up a room he has had to himself for a few years now.  With amazing good grace.  He has way more stuff than will fit in his corner.  Hopefully some will be weeded out.  Some will stay in the old room, soon to be "office."  Even he seems happy with the change, content with his little corner,  and glad to be with his brothers (most of the time).
We broke a piece of the closet system in the boys room.  I must say that Rubbermaid has not been very helpful in our efforts to try to replace it.  I may give up and get a new system from Home Depot or Target or something.  So they are running all over to the old places for their hangable clothes.
You would think, seeing all the stuff being crammed into their room, that great empty space is being left in their wake.  It ain't necessarily so.  True, whence the first bunk bed came, there is actually some clear floor space.  (Not quite enough for the guest blow-up bed, however.  Yet)  At the other site, it looks like some of those tornado aftermath scenes. 
Now, the enormous task of clearing out the disaster scene and making it into the office/storage/craft? room.  Which will hopefully lead to actually claiming the family room.  We also have to try to unbury the "dining room."  It is still a bit of a long road, but we are beginnig to see it.
The floor in the boys room (what we can still see of it!) looks so much better than the rest of the house (as poor a job as we did), but I have yet to work out the logistics of doing the rest of the floors.  or the courage.  It wasn't much fun and took so long!
However, progress is being made and we are excited.  (It is so easy to make simple people happy.)

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