Monday, November 10, 2008

the righteous need not fear

"The righteous need not fear" seems to be a recurring theme in recent church meetings.  The general theme being that these are frightening and perilous times, but the righteous need not fear.
A couple of my thoughts and feelings on this which, sadly, reflect my weak faith.
1) the righteous need not fear - because no matter what happens in this life, God will reward the righteous and make everything right EVENTULALLY.  We have read too many stories of martyrs in scriptures and history for me to have complete faith that we will be preserved and protected in all ways here on earth (I fall short as an Army of Helaman mother). The list of righteous who have suffered is pretty long indeed.
I have heard, but cannot remember where,- If you know, please tell me-  and pretty basically believe that God has said that in the end all who have suffered, who have been abused, whatever, will say that it is ok.  That God's judgements are righteous and just.  That the rewards make it alright.  When I hear about some of the horrible things that have and do happen to people, I count on it. 
2) the righteous need not fear - Yes, the wicked will perish and the righteous need not fear, but what about us pretty good, but not totally righteus people.  I mean, I try, but I fall WAY SHORT.  Way, way short.  Of course, the answer is repent and progress.  But, I am afraid it's a little like losing weight.  Easier said than accomplished.  The distance between what I believe and what I live is embarrassing at best.  Hopefully not damning.
This is not to say that I am prepared to give up and turn away.  As the disciples said in another quote I cannot place at the moment, Where else is there to go?  God is God.  Jesus Christ is the Savior, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  His gospel has been restored to earth.  A living prophet speaks.  I have had personal witness to these things.  Not great earth shaking, trumpets blaring, lights flashing experiences, but real personal witness.  I am grateful for it.
I am weak (and maybe a little fearful), but I will stand.
I am also grateful to recieve word that members of other churches who in times past have prayed for the souls of us lost Mormons, are now praying for our comfort and safety as opponents vilify, protest, and attack us for standing for what we believe, particularly on the subject of marriage. 
on a related note -  I don't like it when I hear Mormons downgrade other faiths any more than the reverse (well, maybe I dislike it a little less, but not much).  I believe that we have the fullness of the gospel while other churches have pieces, but I respect their faith and belief according to their light. We should share our light, but not denigrate others.


  1. Our FHE lesson tonight was about "the righteous need not fear", too.

    We all fall short. Anyone who doesn't think they're falling short is deluded. But the good thing is, if we're sincerely trying our best and repenting as we go, whatever amount we're falling short will be "made up". :)

  2. I am trying to find that place where faith ALWAYS replaces fear. I'll be working on that the rest of my life.

    Have you read "Remembering Wholeness" by Carol Tuttle? That book started me on an amazing journey.

  3. "....but I fall WAY SHORT. Way, way short. Of course, the answer is repent and progress. But, I am afraid it's a little like losing weight. Easier said than accomplished. The distance between what I believe and what I live is embarrassing at best. Hopefully not damning."

    I can relate! I am right there with you, although I think you may be underestimating yourself a bit. I see so much good in you, just thru this blog. We really do need to have spiritual reserves of strength as we have physical reserves (food storage, etc.) I am working on both, and need to do more to help my family 'be prepared' so we don't need to be in fear.

  4. Eva Aurora. no, I have not read "Remembering Wholeness," but will put it on my list.

    I think that working on faith replacing fear will be life task for me as well. I am too much of a "realist" sometimes and forget the greater reality of God's wisdom and power.

    Thank you Sariah and Muum for your encouraging words.

    It is comforting to know that I am in such truly good company! There is certainly hope for you, so there must be hope for me.