Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Letter

I do not write. I do not phone.
I tend to leave you quite alone.
But you’ve been kind and you’ve been good.
Uplifted me as good friends should.

I hoped to write and send a card,
But resource management is hard.
You certainly deserve much better,
But this, my friends, is my Christmas letter.

Many people have enriched my lfe and dwell forever in my heart.  I have been blessed by so many friends that I cannot manage the time or postage to send you all letters and cards as I would like!

2009 was fine.  Despite many months of worry and uncertainty, neither I nor my state worker children lost our jobs.  (yet?)   Although, we took almost a 15% pay cut in the form of Furlough Fridays, I think I benefit more from the time gained than I am hurt by the money lost- even though  we do feel it.  I never have quite enough of either!  Does anyone?

I continue unambitiously, but happily to work for California State Parks.  My boss is great, my co-workers pleasant, my job within my ability, and my office within biking distance and right off light rail convienient for non-biking days.  Buried in an office building , I can at least day-dream about the wonderful parks whose utility bills I process.

I would love to visit most of our State Parks and did visit a few this year.  In January, it was Natural Bridges State Park where Monarch Butterflies winter in a sheltered little gulch.  We camped a long weekend in September at MacKerricher, long one of my favorite places.  On Halloween, we took two grandkids trick-or-treating in mid-town including a visit to Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park. Each park is a jewel.

Speaking of jewels, I am inordinately blessed in my children!  You want to know where they are? -

Sariah, husband Ryan, and beautiful daughters, Acadia and Aurora, enjoy living in Vancouver, WA

David and his wife Teresa are graduating from Cal Poly (!) in San Luis Obsipo and getting ready to begin life after university. 

The rest (save one) are (lucky for me!) in the greater Sacramento area.

Miriam works for California Department of Corrections, shares a house with friends, and seems to busy with friends and church activities

Debi shares her house with Chloe, her Great Dane. They often have friends over for dinner.  (No, not for Chloe's dinner!) She (Debi, not Chloe) is a valuable asset of The Lyle Company, a leading solutions partner of the wireless industry.

I have missed having Ruth and Tom and their family “almost next door” since they moved this year.  The good news is that they are now in a bigger house (near Debi) and soon their family will be bigger, too.  Esther and Jared are expecting a little sibling late next July!

Joseph works for the Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Automotive Repair.   Lucky for me, he is living at home.  I rely on his technical expertise, as well as enjoy his company. 

Andrew (the save one) is serving enthusiastically in the Canada Winnipeg Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His weekly emails home are posted at

Benjamin is a high school senior! ( I am getting old)  He is a major force in sorting and organizing our home.   He almost single-handedly unburied the family room and continues making and inspiring small improvements.  He is nice to have around, both for his helpfulness and his companionship.

My life is blessed.  I am so thankful for all that God has given me, especially a testimony of His love and wisdom and of his son, Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate. 

Thank you for your influence in my life. May God bless you this Christmas season and throughout the coming year with love, joy, and peace.


  1. Your poem is adorable. You have such wonderful kids who are blessed to have such a wonderful mother.

    I hope your Christmas season is joyful, and you manage to stay warm.

  2. Sheesh, by the time I logged in and got my email right, I lost my comment.

    I hope your season is joyful, and you manage to keep warm.

    You have such wonderful children, who are blessed to have such a righteous and loving mother.

    I think your live feed is reporting me as Corona. LOL. That town eats everything.