Monday, December 14, 2009

Letter to Andrew

Letter to Andrew
Sunday, December 13, 2009
Writing from SLO
Thursday I was scheduled at the BloodSource, but my pulse was too high  and I was deferred. I think in addition to hurrying from work, the worry about getting ready for the SLO trip had me pretty stressed. I
didn't really mind being deferred. I considered returning to work for an hour and a half, but decided against it.
    After a bit of trying to get things done at home, I took a break to join the Single Adult service project wrapping gifts for Christmas Promise. I met a couple of Miriam's friends. It was my first Single Adult activity. I don't expect to do many. I really don't have time, energy, or much interest. I am not "looking".
     We left home about 11 Friday morning, stopping at Costco for gas and Winco for snacking food (both of which were on the way, anyway) before truly hitting the road. It was raining pretty much all the way. We went straight to Costco SLO to replenish the gas (32 mpg) and buy pizza to take to D&T's.
     After eating, we helped a little with party preparations. Teresa had done tremendous amount of work. Friday night we helped make little chocolate graduation hats. She put Giradeli squares on top of truffles. And a little dot of frosting on top. Sounds simple They looked great! Everyone was very impressed.
     Debi and Miriam stayed in Sacramento for parties Friday night and drove to SLO together Saturday morning. Debi's party was a Harry Potter themed birthday party (for a 25 year old). Debi went as a
Death Eater. She had thought about being a Patronus, but that was too much work. She drew a Death Mark on her arm. She had a little trouble getting it the way she wanted it and rubbed part of her arm raw 'erasing'. Ouch!! One little boy at the party told her she was V's wife and expecting V 's baby. Who, of course, would be evil so he (the little boy) would have to kill it, but he wouldn't kill a baby, so he'll wait until it grows up a little. Apparently, Debi herself was not evil. (such is her charm) As they got on the freeway, Miriam & Debi saw a guy spin out and get stuck in the mud. They stopped and helped him get his car out.
Aren't you proud of them?! They knew it wasn't a trap because they saw it happen.
    Dad made a day trip to come to the Graduation, helped a little with party prep, and came to the party for a while before driving back. It's a good 5 hours each way, so he put in some effort to be there.
    It poured rain on and off - mostly on - all day Saturday. D&T dropped Dad off as close to the ceremony as they could, then the rest of us drove to the Institute for free parking. We had left the house
during a bit of nice weather so I left my rain jacket in my car. (We drove over in DT's &; Miriam's cars.) We scurried through pouring rain on sidewalks like streams as David directed as across campus, ducking in and out of buildings. Apparently Cal Poly has no security worries!
    We sat in the risers. Teresa directed Dad to her Dad, step-mom, &; sister Amy who sat on the main floor. Just a note - you can see better from the risers.
     The ceremony moved along fairly quickly. They held 3 ceremonies in that gym (the Mustang Maniac's Asylum). As we were leaving,  announcers were urging us to move along quickly as another ceremony
began in 40 minutes! I think we were seated 40 minutes before our ceremony.
    I liked that the speakers talked about qualities of character, service and life-long learning. Good speeches.
Of course, I was a bit teary watching all the graduates come in. When ours were up for their presentation, I was concentrating on trying (without great success) to get pictures with Teresa's camera. Poor Teresa! She was wearing cute, strappy sandal-like heels. Halfway through the ceremony the heel broke almost totally off one shoe and she had to walk across the stage like that. When we got to the cookie and punch reception area, she threw away her shoes. Most of us repeated the splash dash back to the cars and David drove back for Dad, Teresa, and Debi (who stayed 'to keep Teresa company').
    We had about an hour to get set up for the party. D&T had  originally hoped to have a BBQ party in the yard. Fortunately, when  they asked the landlord for permission, those nice people said they would have the house available in case of bad weather. Teresa put on quite a spread! I don't know if I will be able to equal it for the Sacramento Graduation Celebration Jan 2. Taquitos, mini tacos, empanadas, egg rolls, 7 layer dip & chips, the chocolate graduates, chocolate mints wrapped in green & gold (Cal Poly colors), peanuts, veggies, I don't know if I am remembering everything - and pineapple juice mixed with bubblies for a yellow-gold punch. It was all  impressive and delicious.

Continuing Monday, December 14, 2009 in Sacramento
Sunday we only went to Sacrament Meeting. Worse, we, and By that I mean mostly your sisters, convinced Teresa to cut out as well. (David was providing two-deep in Primary.) I made sandwiches and rested. The girls looked at Debi's Klutz Learn to Crochet book. Teresa went back to church for choir. We headed for home. Although we had not planned it ahead of time, our car and the girls followed each other all the way to Consumnes &Power Inn.  That was fun.
    When we started, the weather was partly sunny. We drove through sunshine and showers, more showers, and torrential rain. It eased up again s bit as we got to Sacramento. We found the house still standing and the animals all alive. Anna had had an accident in the kitchen and Atilla had pooped in Joseph's room. Probably AFTER Matt Welge had been over to take of Anna in the morning - and clean up some cocoa Anna had gotten into.
    Today we did some but not nearly all of our Saturday chores. Do we EVER do them all? We also went to see Whales and Dolphins in 3D at the Imax theater. Tonight we watched Star Trek which Joseph had rented at a Red Box while shopping at Raleys. Star Trek was the more enjoyable.
But we stayed up too late! Good night!

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  1. Sound like you had a great trip, we missed you on sunday