Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Between the holidays

Day before yesterday, Monday, Teresa got together with some girlfriends and David worked on figuring out his fix Mom's TV reception project.  I took off work an hour early to get gas before meeting up with the family at our house to go to Dovewood Court to see the Christmas lights. Fortunately, before we went David looked up their website and found out that unfortunately Sunday had been their last display day. So, everyone ate burritos and just hung out. The Wii was kept busy!

Yesterday, I took a half day. Teresa helped me work on my office present project. Which means she did most of the work. I had some marine colored stones that people put in flower vases, rub-ons and Crystal Effects (for the glue) from Stampin’Up, and little magnets. I had previously learned that I am not very good with rub-ons. Lucky for me, Teresa is. She put the pretties on the stones and I glued everything together. I look forward to giving the new in-out magnets to my co-workers when everyone gets back after New Years.
Today I am working a full day and Teresa is going to go visiting. David might go with her or, if the roof is dry enough, he might work on my TV reception. Tonight, I think everyone is planning on going to Ruth’s after dinner. The sisters want us to take our Wii.

Tomorrow I will work a half day again.  Then it's New Years and the Graduation Celebration on the 2nd.

And then David and Teresa go back to SLO. Teresa to finish her last quarter and David to work on finding a job. He needs a job for while she finishes school.  And he needs to start his career.  It would be nice, but is not highly likely that they will be one and the same. Job hunting can be tough, especially lately.  Keep him in your prayers. 

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