Monday, January 4, 2010

I feel a little guilty

So many people have said what a horrible year 2009 was for them.  My life has been pretty good. The last week was quite lovely.

David worked pretty much all week on my Christmas present. Now our TV signals come in clearly and No More rabbit ears! He replaced the cable from the antenna And set it up so I can watch movies in the kitchen! The only thing we cannot do is watch movies in the kitchen and oh-oh I forget! But I think it is we cannot play Wii and have a movie in the kitchen at the same time. It is so great to turn on the TV and be able actually see and hear. No more box in the middle of the screen telling me the signal is not good enough!

Monday Teresa met up with some girlfriends for lunch and shopping. I worked Monday (had headaches with manual checks) but took off an hour early to get gas, start dinner, and prepare to meet up with the family at our house to go see Christmas lights. the girls wanted to go to Dovewood Court where we could drive to one place, walk around together and see lots of decorated houses. Good idea except Dovewood Court's last display night was last Sunday. Instead, people ate burritos, played on the Wii and generally hung out.

Tuesday I worked only half day. Teresa and spent the afternoon working on pretty in and out magnets for my office. I plan to take them in tommorrow and I am pretty excited.

That evening David, Teresa, and Joseph went with Ton to one of his MonaVie meetings. Do you know about that? Tom sells MonaVie some line of super health drink made from berries from South America. You are supposed to drink 2 ounces each morning and evening. $5/day David says. (I will never know if it really can change my life!) Teresa asked about the product and Tom got pretty excited about telling her about being a distributor. So he invited them to his meeting to learn more.

Wednesday was another full working day. (more checks - I do revolving fund checks Mondays and Wednesdays). Teresa visited her sister(s? And some friends?) Evening time we took the Wii to Ruth's and stayed up too late.

Thursday, New Year's Eve, again I worked a half day. It took us a very long time to go over to Ruth's, in fact, they got a bit put out with us. We all seemed to have things we felt like we needed to get done and some of us were moving a little slowly. We missed Debi who was getting together with friends. We took the Wii and a stack of movies. We played Disney Yatzee and It Came To Pass, and watched Up. Esther and Jared both stayed up for the new year. Just as surprising, so did I.

Friday and Saturday for me was mostly about getting ready for and worrying about the Graduation Celebration. As it turns out I did not do something I should have done which is send out reminders! We put on a great party - green and gold/yellow decorations everywhere. Teresa had made scrapbook pages for guests to write on. David hung their caps and gowns on a bulletin board behind the guest table. We had lots and lots of yummy food. And of course. Tom had great music. Everyone who came appeared to enjoy it, but very few came. Hamakers, Bennions, Sis Pasquera. It was almost 9- time for it to be over (according to DT's invitations, which was fine by me) when a couple of young couples came, so the party went on a little bit longer. Which is what Tom had intended all along. Clean up took a long time. We didn't get out until after midnight.

Lots of leftovers, but already they are diappearing quickly. D&T took some with them when they left today. Miriam and Debi came over Sunday evening to play on the Wii -  when I went to sleep at 10:30 they were still hard at it, and of course they ate some. Leftovers not a big problem. I am thinking of putting tomato sauce and cheese over a layer of taquitos and baking them up sort of enchilada style Monday.

For me 2009 was fine.  I am so thankful for the blessings the Lord has showered on me, most especially my wonderful family and friends.

I expect 2010 will be good, too.


  1. How disappointing that more people didn't come to the party! I wish we could have been there. :(

    I feel the same way about 2009 - I really don't have many complaints. I see and hear a lot of people making the same comment about how they hope 2010 is better because 2009 wasn't good for them, too. I think it's probably because a lot of people lost jobs last year, so I can understand that. I don't think we should feel guilty that 2009 was good for us, but you're right, I kind of do feel bad. :S Well, hopefully this year will be good to everyone, then we won't have to feel so guilty next year, right? ;)

  2. 2009 was rough for us, but looking where we are today, I wouldn't change a thing. We were led to this new town, and more importantly to this new ward. We were planning on moving east, and we moved south instead. I am looking forward to great things in '10

  3. Oops, logged into the wrong account. It is just I, your SoCal friend.