Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Day

Our Family Day, January 25,  began with the sealing ordinances of the temple when my now ex-husband and I were sealed.  There have been years when I have quietly let it slide, especially when I was unhappily married, but now I want to celebrate it, at least in a small way. I have been asked why do I still want to celebrate Family Day when the marriage failed?

I still believe in the principal of eternal marriage and earnestly hope and pray that my children's apparently happy marriages really are and will continue and grow even better forever. From what I see, they look very promising. Perhaps, someday, I will find a true companion as well.

I celebrate the sealing power.  Ordinances performed and blessings promised are conditional on obedience to certain laws.  A couple sealed in the temple is not guaranteed a happily ever after, they have to mutually live for it. But the Lord has promised us that families CAN be forever.

I celebrate the temple - the sacred house of God.

I celebrate the family.  The family is ordained of God.  It is the cornerstone of civilization.  It is our support, our playmates, our foundation.

I celebrate MY family, especially my children and their families.  I am oh, so very grateful for each of my children, their spouses (I am always tempted to say 'spice') and their children. 

We have celebrated Family Day in many ways over the years.  We have visited the temple grounds.  One year we randomly rode public transit around the City of Sacramento.  The most notorious was a few years ago when we went to the beach.  A rogue wave nearly knocked Debi and Tom off their feet, and overswept our blankets and things at the spot I had insisted on - leaving dry and safe a spot one of the children had chosen - washing some of our things up the beach and destroying Debi's camera.  This is a Family Day I am not allowed to forget.  The kids won't go to the beach on Family Day with me any more.

Yesterday everyone came over for dinner.  Benjamin, the great organizer, helped set up and set double tables in the family room.  We had fried chicken, mashed potatoes that Debi brought, rolls Miriam brought, salad, corn, and dessert by Ruth.  Everything was delicious.   Oh, and cookies by Benjamin.  Some cookies for us and some for Miriam to take home as her cookie of the month Christmas present.  They played Mario Brothers on the Wii.  Not a big fancy to-do, but a very pleasant evening. 

I do love and am abundantly grateful for my kids!


  1. Great attitude!

    While the marriage may not have workd out - the FAMILY is still (for the most part) still intact, and that in itself is reason to celebrate!

    So "Family Day" was your "anniversary" then?

  2. We had two anniversaries. I was not as good a little Mormon girl as I should have been. When we married, he was not a member, but was investigating. After he had joined the church and been a member for a year, we were sealed in the temple. We were married in October, which anniversary I do not celebrate. ; ] We received the temple ordinance of being sealed in January.

  3. Bill was a non member too, so we were married in October, but sealed as a family in March, when I was expecting #5. I always try to make it a special day, usually by just making a white cake. Maybe this year I'll wow them by stepping out of my box. LOL.