Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is It Heaven Without The People You Love?

Is It Heaven Without The People You Love? Of course not.

Although I have not completely ruled it out, I am probably not going for that job in Fort Bragg.  Oh, I might apply.  But I don’t think I really can take it.

Number one reason: 8*3*5

3 of the 8 might go with me, but what future would they have there?  We have several colleges and universities here.  Fort Bragg has College of the Redwoods – that’s good, but much less than the opportunities here.   The job situation is grim here, but I would be surprised if it were better there. 

It was a blow to me when Ruth moved from almost next door to 20 minutes away. When neighborhood sounds drift in, I wistfully remember listening to my grandchildren playing.   4 hours seems like a bit much. 

Sariah says they would come to visit. How often? Right now they are a straight shot on I-5.  Of course, on the other hand, when they come here we have to share them with his family and the friends of their youth.

Additionally, there are the practical matters -
The job comes with a mobile home pad (with a big yard, the best in the park she says), but I cannot afford to buy a mobile home right now. Or afford to rent a place to live if I could find one.

The credit union and I own my house, mostly the credit union.  I am not totally confident that I could sell it if I wanted to.  I would be lucky to come out even. And I am still of the old mindset that home ownership is a small measure of security.  My kitchen really could probably be condemned, anyway, which makes sale difficult and pretty much rules out renting the place which I might consider otherwise.

Right now I bicycle commute or drive 2 miles to light rail.  In Fort Bragg I would drive 16 miles each way.  Plus driving to Ukiah almost 2 hours away for any major shopping and larger church events. Even trips to the local chapel are further than I have now and that happens several times a week.  Plus driving to Sacramento to visit my kids. Tremendous increase in transportation costs.

And yet… 
I had email business with my prospective boss in Fort Bragg again today and as a PS asked her where people who live in Fort Bragg go on vacation.  She said, “We visit family out of state.  Otherwise we fish, play, dive, and hang out in paradise where we live.” 

It sounds wonderful.  Yet, I don’t think this is the time for me.  If my circumstances change (which I rather hope they do NOT if that means my kids moving away), I hope I get the chance again.

When Sacramento spends day after day in triple digit weather, I will think wistfully of my missed chance.  I will then think of my children and my grandchildren and count my blessings.  

Next time I make it to Fort Bragg, I will pop in at the office and also check out 'my' pad. 

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  1. I like your logical approach to this. Considering the "emotional" aspect - but keeping your feet on the ground and your head out of the clouds...

    On a side note... We live 15 minutes from my in laws and 30 minutes from my parents. My sister lives over a thousand miles away. My parents spend MORE time with my sister's kids than they do with ours... Oh, my kids see my parents more often, but for much shorter stints... When my parents go see my sister, or the other way around - they spend two - three solid weeks together... If you were to add up the time together - they actually spend more time with my sister's kids.

    This is true with my in-laws as well. Also - the Mother of Five was closest to her grandmother who lived out your way (Lemon Grove, CA) then she was with her Grandparents in Minnesota.

    Just observations... Do not underestimate the value of being close - and being able to stop by at the drop of a hat - or those last minute "I need a sitter mom" types of things.

    Bottom line... If you are happy with the decision you made, then it was the RIGHT decision!

    Good Luck!