Tuesday, May 11, 2010


 Lucy, District Administrative Chief, Mendocino, upon learning that I was newly working in the Revolving Fund Unit, said "Welcome to Mendocino."

To which I replied, "I wish I were in Mendocino!" 

She responded:  "I have an opening for an accounting MST advertised in the bulletin with a double wide mobile home pad located at MacKerricher State Park in Fort Bragg if you are interested. It is a beautiful place to work and I’m planning to retire in a few years."

The bulletin item to which she referred:

The reporting location for this position is the District Office at Russian Gulch. This position will work under the direction of the District Administrative Chief. The incumbent will be responsible for the district’s fiscal section. This includes auditing and processing purchase documents, reconciling expenditures with CID and preparing expenditure reports. The successful candidate should be proficient in Microsoft Excel and Access. State housing may be available. For further information regarding this position, please contact Lucy Johnson at (707) 937-6128 or ljohnson@parks.ca.gov

 It is seriously tempting. The pay range is less than I am in now as an Accounting Technician, but I would go in at the same monthly and simply top out sooner. Fort Bragg! MacKerricher - possibly my favorite state park!

Questions - mobile home or just the pad?  What would I do with my house? Could the boys have any future there?  Could I stand moving away from all my other kids? What if the boys wanted to stay in Sacramento?  Would I be ok leaving all of them????? Even for Fort Bragg?  I have done the Sacramento - Fort Bragg drive (4-5 hours) and back in a day - lunch dates would work.  Would they make the drive to visit if they could stay with me? Could I get a discount (free??) camp sites for visiting family? - when there are too many for the trailer.  What about the dog and cats?  And the drive from MacKerricher to Russian Gulch (the office - in a State Park??!!) when it's foggy. 

Even my boss says I should think about it. 

I love MacKerricher.  How much?  To live on the California North Coast would be a dream come true. What dreams would I have to give up?

Also, my only Microsoft experience is here at work.  But I could learn.

I might not go online every break if I was there!  Walking in the forest or on  the beach! sigh

Break is over.  Back to work buried in a building downtown.

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  1. It doesn't hurt to look into it, and honestly it sounds like an awesome possibility! What do you have to lose? Make a list of all your questions and definitely check it out! We would come visit! :)