Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekend a week ago

Weekends!  Weekends! Much too short.

There are standard chores I need to do each weekend – which, sadly is not to say that they actually get done. Wash clothes, gas the car, restock food supplies, sort my medicines, check my bike tires, change my sheets, clean house, make my work breakfasts.  Sometimes, however, the weekends are just too busy to get them all done.

A week ago, for one thing, no Furlough Friday.  I suppose we should get used to that, they only last through June.  If I could be sure we will actually go back to full pay, it wouldn’t be so bad, but there is a good chance we will have pay cuts.  Not so good.

A week ago Saturday morning I went hiking with the Single Adults.  A few family and friends have expressed surprised that I would go to any Single Adult Activities.  One tends to think of it as a less-than-successful meat market for less-than-successful desperate singles.  There may be aspects of that in some activities, I don’t know.  The singles groups are to help meet the needs of single (for whatever reason) indiviuals -  a place to get support, have fun, serve, grow, - to belong etc. in a family oriented church.  Not that we are excluded from any other group or function.  I am not interested in “finding someone” right now for many reasons.  Which is probably just as well, as I am not a prime commodity in an already unbalanced market. 

This was my 3rd singles activity, if you include a Meet-and-Greet they had after church so we could meet the reps.  The male and female representatives were at the Meet-and-Greet with lots of something – donuts ?  I don’t remember.  The entire Bishopric was there. Also, a recent convert who is also divorced and me.  That was all. The whole idea was just for the singles and the reps to lay eyes on each other and to let the singles know what’s available.  They are not (just) a place for singles to ‘meet’.  Supposedly not at all, but …  I am sure that there is the hope that singles will join the everlasting covenant.  They do have dances to which I have no intention of going any time soon, but they have other activities simply for fun, support, service, etc.  – some of them family friendly.   The first thing I went to was back in December when I helped wrap gifts for some charity.  Oh, Tiffany (our Stake SA Rep) counts Museum Day, too.

I had hoped that the boys would go on the hike.  Scout Expo took Benjamin.  Joseph wanted to go to some Bike Month thing in West Sacramento.  He wanted me to go with him.  The plan was something like bicycle to the rally or whatever it was, hear speeches, maybe see booths, maybe even get stuff, then join some bicycle ride to somewhere before bicycling home again.  I figured I could get to WS eventually, although Joseph would be frustrated with my lack of speed, but it would be too humiliating and useless to attempt to ride with real riders (who didn’t love me and wait for me).  I wouldn’t even be eating their dust because it would all be settled before I got to it.   Each of us kept hoping the other would give up his/her activity and join the me/him. 

As I said, Joseph ended up missing his bike thing, but I had a great time on the hike.  Ok, part of the time I was not enjoying it as much as I would have if I were fit, but it was beautiful and the company was good.  We hiked about a mile and a half mostly down hill to Hidden Falls on Deadman’s Creek.  Ate the lunches we had brought.  Some people waded in a stream pool or did a little exploring.  We took a group picture.  Then I headed back ahead of the others.  I knew I was going to be slow going up and I didn’t want to slow everyone down or kill myself trying not to.  It was pleasant going down with the group and it was pleasant walking back alone in the woods.  I sang as much as I could remember of “How Great Thou Art” – not very loudly in case other hikers were near.  And thought about how much Andrew would enjoy it and how we would probably sing out loud if we were together.

Then I went hiking in a more urban setting – Winco, then Costco.  Didn’t buy any of the cold stuff I normally get at Winco because I was going to go to Costco, so I am not sure if the two trips in one is really a great idea. 
Joseph was very good about helping bring in the food. (Usually Benjamin does the lion’s share.) In fact, he brought in most of it while I put away the little bit of cold stuff I got at Costco.  Then the non-cold stuff just sat around the front room and dining room because I was tired. 

Benjamin called for me to pick him up around 10pm.  He had a good time, mostly hanging out with a couple of guys named Ethan.  He didn’t have all that much to say about the Expo.  

Sunday after church I put away a lot of the food, which involved putting it in the family room as food storage and taking older stuff out of the family room into kitchen.  Since it was food storage, I hoped it was not a serious Sabbath violation.  Just a few more little faggots on the fire this time.    I hope.

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