Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dreams Can Be Risky

This summer I had the opportunity to apply for a “dream job”  - still working for State Parks and living in one of my favorite places.  As I weighed my options, practical matters won out and I stayed where I am. 

A few months later, my well-loved and respected supervisor announced that she was retiring from Parks to pursue a dream of moving to Wyoming. Almost made me wish that I had made the leap to Mendocino County!

time goes by…

My dream of living on the coast deferred meant the stability of staying in my home of 30+ years.  Finances are always a concern, becoming more so now, but they would have been VERY challenging had I moved.  As it is, I have been able to help children in need that I could not have if I had made the change.

Sometimes dreams conflict and choices must be made.  When we are living a dream we sometimes fail to recognize it. In my case, the bigger dreams are being close to my children as much as possible and striving for financial stability. 

My super left California to pursue one dream for herself and daughter, but it didn’t work out.  We don’t hear from her, but the word is that her aged parents needed her and she came back to California.  Rumor is that she tried to come back here to Parks, but (Alas!!!) it was too late and the hiring process had begun on her replacement.  

So, what about dreams?  When do you follow and when do you play it safe?  It is good to have dreams, but dreams must be balanced with reality.  Risk assessment.  And, as I said, we would do well to recognize the dreams we are already living. 

Sweet dreams!


  1. VERY eloquent post!!

    That's one thing we all "struggle" with...

    I often feel torn between being "grateful for what I have" and challenging myself to try to archive more and better things..

    Personally, I am NOT a risk taker. I travel the straight and safe route.

  2. Father of Five, I used to feel exactly the same way. But recently I've come to the conclusion that we can be very grateful for our current blessings, while not being completely satisfied with what we've done with them. For example, the parable of the talents. We can bury our opportunities the Lord has given us to keep them safe, or we can maximize them, taking risks, to better ourselves and those around us.
    Sometimes it is better to play it safe. I don't like taking unnecessary extreme risks.
    But just think if people didn't have the courage to follow their dreams. We wouldn't have electricity, modern medicine, conveniences we take for granted.
    "Do not live as if you have a thousand years." -Roman
    Emperor Marcus Aurelius

  3. Yes, generally I categorize it as one of my faults... Not being a risk taker...