Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Long and Short

It's been a long time away from family. Eased by nightly telephone conference for prayer & scriptures. And by learning Internet access is not as limited as I had been told. For instance, Asilomar does not have Internet in its guest rooms, but the Mott Training Center has the Internet which reaches to our lodge & my roommate told me the password. Love Facebook!

It has been a long time away from my own home, my own bed, & my own shower. But it has been a short time away from all the responsibility. It has been a short time having someone come make up the bed with fresh sheets everyday!

It has been a short time living amongst the pines by the sea with black-tailed deer for neighbors.

It has been a very SHORT time away from the stress of my office.

Tomorrow we check out before class begins. I do not look forward to packing up and returning my key. Class all morning and then it's over. I haven't decided whether to stay for lunch or not. It has been a short time not worrying about shopping, cooking, or dishes. I have planned all along to take my own sweet time before leaving the coast. I probably will as this is so rate an opportunity, but I feel the pull of home.

Tomorrow I will trade in the sound of the ocean through my open window for my ocean cd I at at night. But tomorrow I will trade in my nightly telephone text hugs for real ones.


  1. That pull of home is so strong.

    What a poetic post this is. It makes me want to drive right out there and just sit for a long time, listening to the ocean waves and seeing the deer.

  2. What a wonderful time you must have had. Iam so glad. We all need a day or two...or a week to recharge every now and then.

    But, the reunion must have been nice too. It must be wonderful to be able to leave, and know the boys are okay. :D