Monday, November 29, 2010

Two day work week, five day weekend. That’s more like it!

I took Wednesday off for preparation time, of course had Thanksgiving off and state workers still get the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Sweet!

Esther and Jared came over Wednesday while their parents and some of my other kids went to see Harry Potter.  They did a little bit of art.  We (Esther, Jared, Joseph, Anna & I) went out to the parkway, played Frisbee, and (they, but not Anna) climbed trees.  Esther, Jared & David played Wii.  We had fun.  The movie goers had fun, too. I also roasted turkey number 1, went shopping, and tried to get a few (very few) other things done.

Thanksgiving morning turkey, Benjamin and I went over to Ruth’s around 8 to start the (second) turkey cooking and help Ruth & Tom (especially Benjamin) with last minute preparations.  Others started coming over a bit after noon – bringing tasty bounty with them.  All my kids, except Andrew who is on his mission.  Five fun grandkids – cousins are so cute together!  Sariah’s in-laws. Lots of tasty food. It was a lovely traditional Thanksgiving dinner and very pleasant day.

Then came Forced Family Fun Friday (mostly planned by Debi, I think.  Good job, planner(s)!).  David and Teresa were off to her family’s traditional chocolate dipping, but the rest of us got together for family activities.  The grown-ups gained a new respect for Esther and Aurora and their teammates’ endurance in our family soccer game.  I mostly was on the sidelines with Naomi, Anna, and Sariah’s camcorder.  Unfortunately, I did go in briefly as a goalie – and let two goals get past me.  Lunch was turkey, rolls, coleslaw and chips.  Then stew went into the slow cooker for dinner.   After I took Anna and Joseph home, I joined the others in a letter-boxing expedition discovering the California First Public Library Series.  A nice walk through a lovely neighborhood.  I think I heard plans being made to read to the kids the books we found stamps representing: “The Black Stallion”, “Lad, a Story of a Dog”, “Smokey”, “Bob, Son of Battle” and “Misty” – all books I, like the letter-boxer, read in my youth.  After dinner (Joseph back with us) we played a great all-family sketch and guess the word game.  Much laughter and some incredible guessing skills.

Saturday was a chores and catch up day for us while Rosers hit the road back to Washington. 

Best quote Sunday .. to live with gratitude ever in our hearts is to touch heaven.” Thomas S. Monson, October 2010 General Conference.

This long (but not long enough, of course) weekend was a bit of heaven.

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  1. I love Thanksgiving. It's like Christmas without the stress of buying gifts. You still get to be with family and feel gratitude, but you don't contend with Santa. I'm glad yours was such a nice, long weekend!