Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have ow-ies.

Minor ow-ies, thankfully.

Biking to work on garbage day on T street.   I tried to go around the curb side of a recycling can instead of going out into the street.  There was not quite enough room.  I clipped the can, bounced off it into curb and went down.  No major injuries.  My right elbow and forearm are scraped up and I have aches developing here and there.  Could be worse, glad it's not!

I am grateful I didn't go down the other way into the street in traffic.  Grateful that although battered, neither my bike nor I are greatly damaged.  Grateful for the bit of grass that took part of my fall.  Grateful I was wearing light gloves which protected my hands. Grateful for the little old Asian lady who asked if I was OK.

So far, the weather has been pretty favorable for us bicycling commuters.  What rain we have gotten thus far has been at night or on weekends.  I know the day is coming when I am going to have to face biking in the rain - I have a Costco rainsuit - need to something about my feet, I think- and leaving my poor bike to sit out in it all day.  I sure wish I had one of those bicycle lockers!!  I might talk to a gal I know who has one.  Maybe she would let me use it for the winter?  I think she hardly uses it.  I think I could bike in rain, especially light rain. Mix in the wind and I think I will light rail. Joseph bikes 2miles - light rails - bikes 2 miles year round. What a guy!

(I also wish I could put my arm rest down.  My arm keeps getting blood on it. And repeated contact and wiping my arm with disinfectant is slowing the natural sealing off process.  aww, poor me)

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