Thursday, April 12, 2012


My Joseph (6 of 8), he of the quiet smile and sly wit, gentle, beloved by children and animals (and me), computer geek .  As a baby, labeled “failure to thrive” because of low weight, but ahead or on target for all developmental markers.  Push-up king as a teen.  Sprint master, too.  Almost small enough to be a jockey, but a careful man, not given to hurling headlong into anything. We used to call him “Safety Boy”.   Smart, kind, interested in technical things I cannot comprehend.  

 Joseph has been bothered by some low level health problems for some time.  Several years.  He lacks the energy typical of a young man and experiences aches more to be expected in an old grandpa.  He also suffers from some depression and just a general not well feeling.  We have had health checks and consults, asking for thorough vetting.  Nothing has been discovered.

Recently it has gotten worse.  He has had stomach trouble.  Joseph has been trying to avoid spicy and fatty foods.  One day he was unable to eat oatmeal (OATMEAL?!) for lunch.  Joseph has been monitoring his food intake and activities.   He saw a doctor last week.  They talked about stress among other things.   Dr prescribed medicine and made diet recommendations.  

Today he felt that his heart rate was unusually high when he got to work.  He called Kaiser.  They said, Come In! 
He called me and told me that he had an appointment in less than an hour (no way I could get there!) and that a co-worker or his super was going to take him.  I texted his siblings.   Miriam contacted him.  As she works not far from him, she took him in.  

Miriam texted at 11:53am that he just went in for an EKG.

Friends, please pray for my son and his doctors.  May they find something we can work with!

Tomorrow is his birthday.  May he have a re-birth of health!


  1. I am a little behind the times here, but a little prayer can't hurt anyone, at anytime - so consider some extra prayin' on his behalf heading his way...

  2. Thanks, FoF.
    The problem is as yet unidentified or resolved, so continued prayers are deeply appreciated. I suspect this is one of those obscure lurking sleepers that are hard to identify. Probably not life threatening, but quality of life threatening. Hopefully treatable, if not curable.