Thursday, April 5, 2012

Re-discovering the importance of good water

If I was more computer savvy and had a bit more time, you would now be treated to a whatever-it-is-thing of The Sons of the Pioneers singing “Cool Water.”

I got to work this morning to discover a large wet spot where our water cooler belongs, the water cooler unplugged and set aside, and the janitor working on clean-up.  Not good.  (Janitor good, wet spot not good)

Our water company office does not open until 9am.  I sent them an e-mail and got a cup of water from the water fountain out in the hall.  BLECH!  I have good water at home and thought that all of Sacramento is so blessed.  Apparently not. 

No cool drinks of water! No hot water for cocoa, coffee, oatmeal, etc!  I was mildly surprised at how much we missed our water cooler.

According to the water company, which did call me promptly at by 9am, the leak is not the cooler, but a flawed bottle.  (which they will replace without charge)  Taking them at their word, I have set up the water cooler in a temporary location.  I emailed our staff that water is available again and asked them to help me keep an eye on the hopefully not leaking water cooler.  

Not exactly a stampede to the water cooler, but I was not alone when I returned there with my cup!  

If you have good water, be grateful!  If you don’t, my sympathies!!

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