Friday, April 6, 2012

Office Hang Ups

In December I hung a Nativity picture from a string over my desk.  I can’t remember what I put up in January.  A heart in February.  A shamrock in March. 

 I thought and thought about what would go up in early April.  I wanted to testify, but I didn’t want to be “in your face”.  I wondered what I “could get away with”.  I looked at lambs and lilies.  I didn’t want to do bunnies and chicks.  Not that I have anything against bunnies and chicks, but I wanted more.  I found pictures of lilies on open Bibles. Good!  First I put up a double sided hanging. Bible and lilies on one side; Bible, lily and crown of thorns on the other.  Good, but still not right.  Finally I put up a picture of the Garden scene( from The Life of Christ event I attended in Vancouver ) opposite the crown, lily and Bible.  There!  

I wondered when I put it up a week ago on Thursday before taking Friday off for Conference preparation whether it would still be there when I returned to work Monday.  Yes!  No one has complained that I know.  Supervisor to the 2nd power came to look more closely. (She wanted to see what was on the stool next to the open tomb.)  Supervisor one mentioned that she has a “Mormon Bible” she received when doing the tourist bit in Temple Square, Salt Lake City.   Today our janitor told me that a gal in another office had something similar, but was told to take it down.   If they had done so,  I would have moved my pictures to within my cube instead of over it.  (directly over my head actually).  I sometimes lean back and look up at them and think about my Lord Jesus and whether I am actually following Him as I should, or think about the wonderful Life of Christ event.  

Or what I will put up next week.  Simply spring pictures,  I think.

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