Friday, April 13, 2007

Cat food at the front desk

Friday the 13th can be fun.

What kind of food is "lucky"? especially food to take to work?

I got Lucky Charms and put them in a bowl (dry) out on the front desk to share.
Berry Flavored Lucky Charms.

All day long - What is this, Dog Food? or more frequently, Cat Food?
Even though the box was next to the bowl.

A couple of people came by, looked, and simply burst out laughing.

One lady had to try the "crystal ball" " marshmallows". I got out some milk so she could see the secret message appear.

At least one gal kept just sneaking the "marshmallows."

It took a few people a while to make the connection between Lucky Charms and Friday the 13th.

My station pal, Sean, who so far has steadfastly resisted candy and almonds, visited the bowl repeatedly. He happily took home the "cat food" at the end of the day.

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