Sunday, April 15, 2007

In the Lair of the Bear

Tuesday, Andrew met with the infamous Brother T. L., acting District Advancement Chair.

We already knew him somewhat. He was DAC for a long time, then had a health break - during which he merely cut back on his Scouting service, not quit altogether, back is back doing Advancement because his replacement suddenly quit. We mostly knew OF him in that capacity.

We have had more personal dealings with him at the Stake Center.

Our first memorable encounter was when we first started going to the Weismann Building for General Conference. Boundaries had recently changed and we were newly part of the Cordova Stake. Also, recently they had stopped broadcasting General Conference to our own building at 51st and Dover. On our first conference weekend there, between sessions, some of the kids went walking around exploring the building. A gruff Brother L seemed to think they were possibly up to no good and gave them a bit of interrogation and talking to.
He also seemed concerned out our family "picnicking" in the building. Over the years, as he has seen how well my family cleans up afterward and has seen us feed the missionaries between sessions, he has become our helper, advocate and we share friendly mutual respect. He always makes sure that the kitchen is available and makes sure we have anything we need. He sometimes comes and has a bit to eat with us.

We had heard that as Advancement Chair, he could be gruff and demanding of the boys. He cares about the boys and the program. Anything he passes has to totally up to standard. He wants everything to be just so. It is true, he seems like a growly bear, but then after awhile, if you brave it out, you see the real caring behind the roughness.

Andrew had a bit of a rough time. Nothing was really wrong with his project preparation (except his Troop committee chair - me- had overlooked an important page that needed signing), but his book was not in the precise condition Bro L wanted. Some of it, they fixed then and there. Some of it Andrew had to promise to fix.

In the end, Brother L signed it off for Andrew to begin!


  1. Way to go, Andrew! Brother L. is indeed a "growly bear" all the way through the process, but NOBODY will EVER say that Andrew didn't do a complete job - he will finish with every reason to be confident and proud!

    Oh, how we miss those wonderful Conference Picnics! and you!!

  2. Our congrats to Andrew! Attaboy! Bro L is a bear but is also a "teddybear" of a guy. I miss your 7 layer bean dip *sigh*.

  3. This year the Hinds brought the dip. It was good.

    I miss you guys!