Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I miss my blog time.

I miss my boys! and the grandbabies. and not a few other things
I am really blessed to have the job I have, but I do sometimes have to remind myself how lucky I am, because no job is as good as being a full-time Mom.

Does that mean that I regret the decisions that made it necessary to go to work? No, no, NO. I am not home nearly enough, but home is a happier more peaceful place.

Recent news - Not so good - after a couple of good months, I had another battery failure. I thought I had learned to make sure those lights were off!! I have now used all my 4 free AAA calls for the year. sigh. since February. The truck driver who got my car started first thought I could get a relay rigged so that the lights would turn off when the engine turns off, but NO. The left headlight, the right headlight, and something else - parking lights? turn signal? I dont' remember are EACH ON SEPARATE FUSES. He looked at the diagrams and finally said it was too much. He also said that I am going to be classified as an over user and not be allowed Plus membership at renewal. Unless maybe if I had another member or two. I need to talk to someone and maybe add the boys.

Good news - Andrew's Eagle project is underway! Last night the troop distributed flyers - eventually. There were a couple of distractions first - an unscheduled brief flag ceremony for the Viriginia Tech victims, and "planning" meals for the overnighter/yard sale. Andrew assigned other Life Scouts as team leaders over the younger Scouts and assigned them blocks to cover. They didn't get nearly as much done as he had hoped, so he asked those who could to come again tonight. Still, we found a message from an excited young lady who was very excited about the flyer she found on her porch. Next week, the boys go back to pick up donations.

I have put up about a dozen flyers around work and gotten some good verbal responses - hopefully the weary workers will remember and actually bring me books. I fantasize about having to drive back after hours and filling up my car.

Break is more than over, must go earn my daily bread.

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  1. Andrew should be working harder at talking to everyone he knows about his proj. I still haven't heard anything from him about it.