Friday, April 13, 2007

Joseph is 21 today!


Joseph, himself, is somewhat incredible.

Generally quiet, but like those still waters, he can run deep. He cares mightily about right and justice, sometimes to the point of frustrating himself and those around him as he reads about possible wrongs and injustices about which we can do little or nothing.

Slight of build, he is surprisingly strong.

He is patient.

He is very good with and kind to children and animals. Other people, too, I suppose.

He tries to be honest and fair minded.

Joseph is very intelligent and has a sound technical mind. He is fascinated with the science of technology, a world I little understand. It is fun to see Joseph and David get together and have a field day discussing things no one else understands (or really cares about).

He is a supportive son.

He is our techno-geek. If anyone here has any computer related problem, we holler for Joseph and 9 times out of 10, he can take care of it.

He also mows our lawn sort of regularly.

Joseph is a good listener, and usually gives thoughtful responses, or at least a sympathetic ear.

He has a quiet, but rich sense of humor.

Joseph is pleasant to be around. (Unless he gets going too much on one of his techno talks or justice crusades.)

On Friday the 13th we think about luck. I feel lucky to be his mother!

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