Monday, May 7, 2007

busy, pleasant, boring weekend

Friday and Saturday morning were Miriam's moving days. We took apart
her bed, moved all her worldly goods from one house to another, put
her bed back together, and helped clean the old place, finishing just
as the new renter arrived with his U-Haul truck.

I really like her new home. Her old place was magazine perfect. Her
roommate/landlady is a perfectionist. It was lovely (though not in a
style I would choose myself), but one could not really relax. I
suppose Miriam's roommate was a gal who could not relax unless
everything was in perfect order. That is easier on the owner than on
guests, however, I think. Miriam's new room is bigger, but she has
less kitchen space. She is now sharing with 3 other girls. Whereas,
before she had a bathroom mostly to herself, except for it also being
the guest bathroom, now she will share with another girl and it is
also the guest bathroom. The new house has a more or less formal
living room AND a family-type room. That's where the TV is and most
of the parties happen. She shares a fridge in the enclosed back porch
with another girl. They have a nice big backyard. And yard service.
The atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable. Her roommates are all
card-carrying Mormon girls. The neighborhood is pleasantly old, but
the streets are a bit narrow, there are no street lights or sidewalks.
She is closer to where she attends church, but further from work and
will have to fight some traffic.

Poor girl! We left her with stacks and stacks of boxes nearly filling
her room. She will be busy for quite some time trying to find her

After the move, we got home just in time for the Kentucky Derby. I
enjoyed it, but I didn't really get into it like I sometimes do.

The real excitement for me was putting together a set of shelves I got
from Costco. I was impressed with how well the parts were packaged
and labeled and how easily it all went together. Despite it being put
together without any tools, each shelf can hold up to 600lbs. I am
going to get another set soon. First, they will just help us stash
stuff that is coming out of rooms and will eventually go into another
room, but cannot yet. Then it will hold my kitchen while we work on
it. (When I figure out funding and what and how to do.) I may use it
for kitchen storage, or the family room. Or, as it was originally
meant to be, for the garage, if we ever get it cleaned out enough!

Race over, I worked on paying bills and sorting through papers.
Exciting stuff. I have forests of papers to sort. Where does all
this stuff come from? I know where much of it is going – RE-cycle.

I also, for the first time since starting work, read a novel pretty
much over the weekend. (Not counting Reading Club, which just
finished re-reading Marley and Me). I read a Reader's Digest
Condensed Mystery, Married to a Stranger. Ok, not great.

Sunday morning, Joseph had an Elder's Quorum Presidency Meeting (he's
secretary), so instead of going to the off-leash park, Anna and I
walked the neighborhood around the church for about 40 minutes,
practicing 'heel". My shoulder is sore today.

I cannot think of anything really stand-out at church. Pat, who had
the attack a couple of weeks ago, was back, looking and sounding none
the worse for wear.
As much as we enjoy the Sunday get together dinners, it is pleasant to
sometimes be just us. A bit more laid back and lazy. Usually when it
is, we have pot roast. The boys and I cannot imagine tiring of it,
but the girls like to have other things. That's nice, too!! but
sometimes it gets to be a long time between pot roasts.

We talked a bit about what more needs to be done for Andrew's Eagle,
but I didn't crack the whip, and I don't think anything actually
happened. Except! While at church he and Bro. Pena agreed to deliver
the books on Thursday.

The weekend was over far to soon and so is my break!


  1. So the weekends that you don't get together with everyone are the best to come vist? I wish we could visit you more. We had a plesant weekend too, but you already knew that.

  2. Mmmm... pot roast. I should make that more.

    Glad that Miriam is all moved.

    Glad you got to read a novel.

    Glad you have new shelves that were easy to assemble.

    Love you! :)

  3. Thanks to everyone who helped me with moving & painting. And Cynthia said thanks for moving her bookshelves for her.
    It's so nice to have it done and not be up late every night anymore. Yeah, I still have a lot to do with sorting things out and figuring out where they go, but I can do it a little at a time, and not be pressured to get it done.