Friday, May 4, 2007

He Knew Just What To Do

Yesterday, I had the blues. Lots of little things, nothing big or
important, all seemingly related to having to become a working mom,
but not yet having learned how (if there is a way!) to do it right I
won't go through the list (at least not right now). I was just blue.
Then the last straw. A couple of days ago, Ruth had sent out a list
of retiring Stampin' Up sets. It took 2 days before I could even
print out and look at the list. Finally, an evening at home! – what
was left of it after getting to the pharmacy minutes after it closed,
despite going straight there after work, and then braving the crowds
at Costco for a "quick" trip. Lots of work to do, but I wanted to
rest and look at the stamp sets. And could not find my catalog. I
realized that I had not looked at my Stampin' Up catalog since I
started work. It was too much. The tears I had been holding back for
hours overwhelmed me and I was crying.

Ben got up from watching TV in the other room, walked in without
saying a word and hugged me. Perfect! Then, after a bit, he asked if
there was anything he could do. A minute or two later, the other guys
showed up. Just gave me their support.

Then, Ben found my Stampin'Up catalog and I actually sat down and
looked at it.

They ate left over pizza from Andrew's Eagle Project Wednesday night
(sorting, counting and boxing).

Good guys!

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