Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Andrew's Eagle project is coming along. Last night, the troop went
out collecting books where they had distributed flyers last week.
(Between J & M from about 40th-48th) I think we had 4 cars, each with
a team of boys. We passed several houses without seeing any books
waiting on the porch. I was thinking, "What are we going to do? TL
won't pass Andrew without at least 500 books!" Then we found the
first full bag. Whew! By the time we finished my appointed route,
there was barely room in the car for me. Books, stuffed animals,
games, sports stuff, and a few empty boxes. I think it was the same
with the other cars. There sure is a lot of stuff on the stage
waiting for tonight's sorting, counting and boxing! When we got home
there were about 8 calls on the machine. Some may be from people we
missed. Andrew is sorting that out today and will send out a team
while the others work on the sorting. It is exciting.

The Books in the Barrios guy is going to be gone until the 10th. The
day after that is the Father-Son thing. I hope that Scoutmaster Pena
an take him the 10th or soon thereafter. Time is short. And he has
to do his write-up. Of course, he can start on it.

20 days until Andrew's birthday!! Still needs to contact a
Communications counselor.

He gave letters to some people asking for his Eagle recommendation
letters Sunday.

I hope he makes it! I don't know how he or I will handle the
disappointment if he doesn't! I try not to think too much about it
when I cannot do anything. I sure know why mothers get those pins!

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