Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Cotton Tale

I told you that we adopted a couple of rescued cockatiels. Well, the
last few days, Mr. Cotton, the grey one, has been acting a little
strange. Spending a lot of time crouched in the corner of the cage.
I don't have time or money to take a bird who showed every intention
of biting the hand that came to close to the vet, especially when, so
often, birds hide any illness until it is too late. Then, again, the
bird would show up on the side of the cage or on a perch looking fine.
Later, on the bottom again. A little distressing. Last evening, Mr.
Cotton was again up on a perch looking just fine. We were looking at
him and discussing him, when the mystery was solved. I spotted a
little white egg down in Mr. Cotton's corner. Mr. Cotton laid an egg!
Now the discussion is what to call Cotton. Does she remain Mr.
Cotton? Become Rosy Cotton? And will she be upset if we take the egg

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