Saturday, May 19, 2007

Walking on sunshine

Walking on sunshine (even though the sun has gone down). Leaping
fences. Grinning big enough to split his face in two. Andrew is a
happy lad.

We just got back a little bit ago from visiting with the District
Advancement Chair - again. A little bit more raking over the coals,
then at one point he actually said, "This is very good." ! ! ! I
nearly fainted with surprise. Finally, he officially accepted
Andrew's book!

Now we wait to be told when to show up for the Board of Review, which
fortunately does not have to occur before his birthday.

He still NEEDS letters from his Scoutmaster and teacher. Hopefully,
the Scoutmaster will write his tomorrow and the teacher (our
"Credentialed Teaching Supervisor" from our home schooling charter
school) will bring his when he comes for the year end visit this week.
(any other letters would be happily received!)

Unless one of those letters accuses him of beating up little kids and
robbing banks, soon he will be an Eagle Scout! He assures me that he
always wears a mask during the heists and that no one could have
recognized him.

Now we have time to eat dinner and bask in the relief and sense of
accomplishment. Grocery shopping will continue to wait until another
day. I am exhausted after all this stress, late nights, and emotional
wear and tear. Motherhood requires such sacrifice. But how nice it
is to sacrifice helping a boy get Eagle !

This morning while Andrew was working on some of his paperwork, Joseph
and I drove out to Rocklin. A coworker had a whole set of
Encyclopedia Britainica and lots of National Geographics for Books for
the Barrios. - Who knows how or when we will deliver them, but we
will! Also, it was garage sale day in their neighborhood. Several
sales on every block. All of Mary's proceeds are going to the
American Cancer Society. While we were there, a cancer survivor
introduced herself and Mary and her other workers all rejoiced with
her - like a little party. I had the feeling that kind of thing was
happening all day. You never know what you will find a a garage sale.
Joseph now has a bullet proof vest! He will feel slightly safer
biking and using public transit.

Tired, but happy and thankful!

I am proud of all my children and grateful for them!
Thankful for all the Scouters, my little car running all over town,
good roads, beautiful weather, pot roast.


  1. Oh wait.. we weren't supposed to accuse him of beating up little kids and robbing banks? Um.. you might want to burn my letter.....

  2. Big congrats on your new Eagle! That is a big accomplishment by all.