Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easy Assembly

Joseph and I borrowed Hinds' mini van and headed for Costco.  Alas!  The space for the shed boxes was empty!  There was one set of boxes on a customer cart.  sad.  We asked at customer service.  Hurray! The computer said they had 8 hidden away and would meet me at the door with one. So, we bought our Easter ham and a couple of other things, paid for everything and proceeded toward the door to meet the shed.  Alas! the customer service gal hurried up to tell us that the floor person could not find the 8 sheds!  Just as she was about to refund the shed price, she got another call.  Hurray!  The set of boxes we saw on the cart were apparently not claimed!  We continued to the door where a worker always checks your receipt to make sure you have what you paid for and no more.  So, he lines off the receipt and hands it back.  I said, "You don't even look at it, do you?"  "Yeah, I looked."  Then I pointed out that the shed was on the receipt but was still approaching.  Busted!

Joseph and I spent all morning working on putting up the shed on a "pretty even" bit of the backyard - hoping that they really didn't mean it when they said in the directions that we needed a level foundation.   Then we stood back and noticed that the two sides of the doorway had about 4 inch height difference!  No good. 

We decided to move it to the "back patio" (where it will block my window).  So, we took it apart, moved it and spent all afternoon working on putting up the shed. 

We were not nearly done when it was time to babysit.  So, I asked for playclothes that the kids could get dirty and brought them back to our dirty backyard.  Which thrilled them for about 10 minutes, then they wanted to go inside.  Sorry, kids, so do we. 

We were working on the roof when Andrew and Benjamin returned, tired and dirty from their campout.  Andrew helped with the shed and Benjamin made pizza. 

Darkness fell with the shed not quite done.  The walls and roof are up, but we still need to put in dozens of screws, do the doors, the windows and the loft.

But! The pizza is ready!

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