Saturday, March 29, 2008

I am no lion, but I have my false pride

We were out of milk. With houseguests. (David and Teresa arrived late last evening/night to spend the weekend.) Andrew and I went to Bel Air, basically "just to get some milk." As we we entered the store, I thought wistfully that since it is a week after Easter it was too late for there to be any left over Easter candy. Wrong. There was not only Easter candy, but there were DARK chocolate bunnies!! Joseph, Teresa and I had been just talking about wishing there were some. While Andrew and I looked at the candy, a store lady came and said all the candy was not 50% off, it was 50 CENTS each! We helped relieve them of considerable old stock. We did get the milk - and apples, and Moose Tracks ice cream - Chocolate Moose Tracks - the best!

David and Teresa did not go spend the day with friends in Placerville. They hung around to help dear, old Mom. They will see their friends briefly after church and before BBQ dinner.

Tom came over and they put on my storm door. Yippee! I can once again enjoy fresh air without losing Joseph's kitty or getting unwelcome guests. (Now, if we could only eliminate the loud, vulgar neighbors and their friends.)

Then, with the home team, they went to work on finishing the shed, while Tom went to get a small shed for their backyard. I kidnapped Teresa for a trip to Costco - we needed chicken for Tom to barbecue Sunday. When we got back, Andrew told me that they had reached a good stopping point and they had run out of instructions. My feeble little mind was on other things, so I didn't get it until he actually had to tell me. The stopping point was that they finished the shed! Looks good.

We didn't move the bikes and lawnmower in however, because it was time for them to go to the movie with Glen. I, of course, stayed home. I worked on my homework while spending time with Esther and Jared who had been hanging out with us since coming over with their dad to work on the door.

When Glen brought the boys back, he told me that he is canceling his cell phone (and therefore the boy phones) Monday. I need to decide whether to beef up my Verizon account : ( and add them or put their phones on Virgin Mobile. I am leaning towards Virgin Mobile since their phones are mostly safety phones, not chatty phones, but I am not sure. Glen is also getting rid of cable and thinking about 1) selling the Prius so he can pay me a part of what he owes the house for it and getting an old car, 2) riding light rail to work, 3) getting a second job. He is in deep financial doo-doo and trying to get it straightened out. He is going to Debtors' Anonymous. I think he is making progress now. I hope so. I am relieved not to be part of all of it!, but also somewhat conflicted, concerned and guilty (why?!). Mostly relieved. (and hoping that the creditors he secretly incurred before the divorce DO NOT come after me!)

But just as I am not quite gloating over my better financial acuity, I for some reason felt the need to check my epayments for the last 30 days and noticed that my MC payment didn't show up. I pulled the last statement and saw it noted that I was making an epayment in good time. Except it didn't show up in my bank records. Apparently. I failed the all important step of clicking "make payments" after putting in the instructions to pay last month's credit card bill. ooops. Which means I missed a payment and am sending it in late. That bit of brilliance will probably cost me $50. Do you know how many stamps that could buy?! or hamburgers or ties for a missionary or ??? That will not happen again!

I need to also check to make sure other payments are not missing. sometime when I am more awake.

Now the siblings are having some time together, although hopefully not very late. Church tomorrow, Joseph is trying to adapt his body clock to working man hours, and both Debi and Ruth have been sick this week, neither of them quite well yet. I have showered and am going to bed. I had planned on paying bills and doing homework while they were all gone, but they left later than anticipated and I am tired. Good night!

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  1. I assume Dad will have a home phone, I'll have to get it or else I won't be able to my "I am your father" ringtone. lol

    I can't believe you guys still had candy in the stores... oh wait, I guess that was only a week ago. I wonder if our stores do too? Usually I always go out the day after the holiday to get the candy half off, but I was too busy this week! Plus, we had WAY too much chocolate in our house this Easter - I'd rather not have that much next year. lol

    Good catch on your payment! I hope it was the only one! I did that with my phone bill last month - I could have sworn I paid it but sure enough, I had missed it! Oops. Thankfully, no late fee like credit cards give you. *whew*

    Have a good visit/bbq today! Wish we could be there. :( Tell everyone hi for us! :)