Friday, March 21, 2008

Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.

Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.
Albert Einstein
US (German-born) physicist (1879 - 1955)


So, maybe you are wondering why my Maybe Worth Sharing blog gets so many more entries than this one. 


1)      My life isn't all that interesting.

2)    It is much easier to forward, even sometimes with a little tidying up, with half a mind and one hand while eating lunch or doing something else, than it is to write a journal post.

3)    You think that I am posting every one of these funny, inspirational, "interesting" emails I get, but I am not!  I must be getting a dozen or so a day from one friend alone.  Most of the ones she sends on are pretty good, too.


But, now for a few minutes of a real post - although I could be studying my Accounting class, doing personal bookkeeping, Cub Scout work, etc etc.  And my 30 minute lunch is about over.  Time! 


Wednesday night we had Pack 941 (my ward Perkins) and Pack 740 (Brighton Ward) Pinewood Derby.   Brighton is where the rest of old Camellia City Ward went, and some of old Rosemont?  So it was a nice chance for old friends to mingle again.  I was not sufficiently prepared.  I didn't have pre-meeting activities for the kids, so they ran around wildly.  They were good about staying clear of the track – Andrew's traffic cones and Benjamin's caution tape really helped!  And they enjoyed themselves.  I was glad that Gene M from Brighton did the registration, but it took much longer than I anticipated and I didn't have any entertainment ready.  I have seen leaders who always have songs, jokes, skits, et cetera ready on 3x5s in their pocket.  No matter what happens, they are ready. Someday! Even so, the kids had a good time.  The races went smoothly.  We rented a great track with everything computerized, so there was no controversy.  I even had some fun doing some refreshments. I cut little wedges of cheese and put tiny sausage wheels on them.  We rolled out aluminum foil the length of a table, drew a road on it, and put the "cars" on the road.  It was a tickle.  Refreshments were potluck.  The only problem was that other people didn't know if they should put their refreshments on the table, too.  I guess I should have set up two food tables.  The boys had fun.  I think the families did, too.  And it's over! For another year.  Next month, Abracadabra – Cub Scout Magic.


Right now Andrew and Benjamin are with the Perkins Ward Scouts/Young Men at Point Reyes.  They left yesterday morning.  Three days at the coast!! Today they are doing a long hike which includes visiting a Morgan horse ranch where they train horse for park service (I think).  I am so jealous!  Tomorrow they will walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and visit the somebody somebody Engineers Bay Area Model (I have done both those things and am not so jealous of that).  Of course, I have been to the coast and  I have seen horses before, but I am still jealous.  Andrew wanted to take a camera so he could shoot some horses for me, but we don't have a working camera!  One of the sorrows of my life.  I am going to get one "soon" when I can figure out what kind.  Andrew will try with the cell phone.  Sweet boy.


Lunch is over. This is as good as it gets for now.


Tonight after work, I hope to go get a cute backyard shed from Costco!

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  1. How big is the backyard shed? We need a new one. Ryan is thinking of building it. I don't know when he'll have time to do it though. :S