Sunday, March 2, 2008

" I will prepare and some day my chance will come." Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the US (1809 - 1865)

Actually, I rather hope not.

Saturday, the boys and I went to CPR Saturday.  Now, the 4 of us are certified for another year.  Joseph is also certified to use Automated External Defibrillators. 

I couldn't stay for that class because I needed to get to a post office before it closed.  Andrew and Benjamin tagged along with me.

We next borrowed the movie "Gone With The Wind" from the Folsom Library.  (CPR Saturday was at Bayside Church. What a complex!  They even have a cafe open 8-8 daily!)  I got the itch to see the movie because Friday was the anniversary of "Gone With the Wind" winning 8 Oscars, including the first African -American actress or actor to ever win an Oscar.  (Hattie McDaniel was criticized for portraying a maid, Mammy, in the movie.  She said she would rather play one than be one.)  We spent most of Sunday afternoon watching "Gone With the Wind." The boys were completely underwhelmed.  Although they did like Mammy.  I liked it, but I have had my fix for a while.  Not one I need to own.

Before retrieving Joseph, we went to Vic's Market in Folsom, famous for being the place where our Home Teacher / YM President and his wife work.  (I think it belongs to her father and joining the family business was practically a condition of father's blessing to the marriage.)  We bought bread for Sacrament Meeting and sandwiches for a late lunch. 

We wanted to visit Sedgwick, a blue fronted Amazon parrot,  in his happy "new" home.  We inherited him from a very dear friend when her mother died, but donated him to Star EcoSystem in Rocklin about a year ago because we couldn't provide him the attention and stimulation he needed.  We have wanted to visit him, but haven't had the time.  Well, when we arrived, the door was open, but while we sat in the car as I finished the last few bites of my sandwich, they closed and locked it!  I was so frustrated!  No Sedgwick.  -  Every once in a while, I email Ryan D at Star Eco System and he tells me how well Sedgwick is doing - even sends a picture.  But it would have been nice to see him (Sedgwick) ourselves.  Not that he ever liked me.

I just had a couple of Sunday School classes introducing me to the  new.familysearch website.  I successfully added my paternal grandfather and combined duplicate records of my maternal grandfather. I also added my mother's mother's father's mother.  aren't you impressed   This is another thing I should find time to do! 

When I was young and raising little children, I didn't think I had time to do genealogy.  Now, I am old, still mothering and working full-time.  I still don't have time.  But, wait, there's more!  As I get old, my ancestors pass on. I have lost a wealth of information and stories by not recording my relatives.  One always thinks there will be time later.  There isn't. I don't know what the answer is here. 

"To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else."  Emily Dickinson


  1. At least you watched GWTW in the right order. lol

    Bummer about Sedwig. :(

  2. Why didn't you tell me about CPR Saturday? I might have been able to go with you.

    Good for you for working on Family history. It is neat to be able to add someone.

    I haven't worked on it in a long time, but I did a little, and I think I even got some temple work done. I guess that info should be on the website, but I should find the files and cards. (I'll look sometime when I'm home and not sleeping. Oh, wait, I don't know when that will be...) I recently went to the temple with my ward and we did sealings (my 1st time) and I wanted to check if I had cards ready for sealings, but I didn't have time to find them.

  3. Miriam,
    Sorry I didnt' think to tell you about CPR Saturday. Like you, it seems like I hardly have time or energy to think most of the time (that doesn't belong to the state). Ruth told me about it - but she didn't get signed up either. You couldn't have certified though, with your wrist as it is. I know, you still would have learned. And it would have been nice to be with you.

    Sadly, I haven't actually been working on Family History. I just took the Sunday School class and got a couple of hours on the computer on Sunday. I just doodled around with the website and what little information I have on hand, mostly from my mother.

    I can't remember if there are any women ready - my mom did a lot. There are one or two men. Maybe David...

    I can almost see now where people get excited about doing it, but I still lack time and energy. (and I, suspect, money) I know this is going to sound pretty lame when I are face to face with our disappointed family asking us why I didn't do it. I feel like falling on my sword now, but the boys and my dog would (probably) miss me AND it would only bring me face to face with those disappointed relatives (or worse!) all the sooner.

  4. Your last little bit in your comment made me laugh. lol I dont' know if that was what you were going for or not, but I'm still laughing. ;)

    I know what you mean though! I did just a tiny bit of family history several months ago and loved it! But I still have a hard time doing it. :(

    If you have names, let me know. If you have any men's names, Ryan can do some. We will be going one week from tonight, so he can do one then if it's ready. :)

  5. Sariah - To see if there are relatives ready to have their work done, Go to If you are not already registered, you need your membership # and your confirmation date. If you don't have them, ask your membership clerk.

    Click Me and My Ancestors (or something like that). It will show you your pedigree line (minus living relatives which is a bit weird looking) and indicate whether their work is done or not. If they need work done, I think you can click on the little temple icon to get the paperwork to do them.

    I have to go - I have been working with Turbo Tax online for hours and now at the critical moment - pay, file and print ( and way past my bedtime), the page is frozen - supposedly in transit (or whatever.)I think I am going to have to quit, go back in and see where they left off. sigh.

    But! I don't owe money! I get money back! (The pay part is pay Turbo Tax $10 for filing my state taxes. I am poor enough they are doing my federal for free.)