Friday, March 28, 2008

Ventilation or On "I Hate People"

A couple of my children occasionally say, "I hate people." What I think they usually mean is "I hate stupid people." And/or "I hate cruel people, especially people who abuse children or animals." One of them, I am pretty sure also means, "I hate unrighteous people, especially people who use vulgar, profane language and who dress immodestly." (The other one, I am not so sure about those particular points.) Both of these children are quite bright. (Ok, all my children are. Sometimes I wonder where they get it.) So, when they mean "I hate stupid people," by comparison it covers a lot of territory.

It is a little frightening to me that every once in a while I find myself thinking, "I hate people." When its abusive people, well, I pretty much do. When it is stupidity, there is the risk of the pot calling the kettle black, you know. I am a little alarmed for people who are stupider than me (or is it I? I actually think it is I). How do they manage to dress themselves in the morning?

However, sometimes at work, I am appalled at the sloppy bookkeeping we come across with various vendors. Ok, also sometimes when conducting personal business, as well, and other stupid business practices – don't let's get started. I am not a business genius. I am not any kind of genius yet discovered. However, I do have more business sense than far too many people/companies I come across.

I know, I know, and my children have heard me say it, Jesus said love everyone, which includes stupid, cruel, and vulgar people. Part of me does. But part of me, gets annoyed. Too often. Now back to work. Some of it dealing with stupid people. (Fortunately, not much in the way of co-workers, mostly, like I said, vendors.) NOW, back to work!

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