Sunday, April 20, 2008


I have been feeling overwhelmed and told my Bishop's Counselor so last week. Today after church, he extended my release from Cub Scout Committee Chair. Sadly, I accepted. He did ask me to stay on as a committee member in either Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. I said that as Ben is still a Scout (although not the way the ward does it now), I need to be on the Scout Committee anyway and usually attend committee meetings. So there it is. I love the Scouting program - Cub and older Boy, but I don't have what it takes right now.

I now only have one calling, Ward Activity Committee Member. That is, as of next Sunday, when they make the release official. A pretty soft calling. I hope I don't feel like a slacker.

I HOPE they call Vivian S to Cub Chair.

I WISH they would call Frank M or David A, both of whom served as Scoutmasters and as Bishopric members in Camellia City Ward, as Scout Chair. Someone who GETS it! Not that Vivian doesn't. But they might have more clout because they are men and because of past positions. Although, neither of them are really very feisty. I could wish for feisty there right now. Sadly, though, I think the Scouting problem is fairly widespread. It may be a Stake as well as Ward attitude. CCW Troop 40's last Scoutmaster, now Brighton Ward's Scoutmaster is facing the same battles. He keeps trying to do some of what we did in Troop 40 and is told NO.

David A and I had a lamenting the state of Scouting and missing CCW Troop 40 session after church while I waited for Ben who was actually at what they called a Board of Review, but wasn't because there was only one person, but it was still a good thing. A this is where you, are this is what you need, keep going kind of interview. Yippee! Glad they were doing that!

David A says we only have 2 Deacons (active). TWO guys in our troop???!!! What kind of fun is that? Yet, they will neither combine ages nor wards. How are guys going to build friendships and learn teamwork and leadership?

They keep wanting to have a YM activity program as well as pretend to have Scouting. HELLO! Scouting IS the official activity arm of YM. Why don't they understand? As it is they make more work for themselves and hamstring Scouting.

I wish all the YM leaders had been at the Aaronic Priesthood and Scouting Conference a bit over a year ago. It was fantastic!

Anyway, I am about to be released from Cubs. That's a bittersweet relief. I have at least 4 boxes of stuff to dump on someone. (This building has NO storage space. Well, VERY, VERY LITTLE.)

Must go. I have letters to missionaries and to at least one relative to write. And dinner to fix.

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  1. We haven't figured out the scouting program here very well, in spite of being here close to 2 years. They do scouting some weeks and activity nights others. Our guys are not scouts. Sean got turned off by high-pressure leaders who want to crank out young eagles, and Steven LOATHES camping. :( It seems like there'll always be struggles, sigh, and it's such a fabulous program!
    Enjoy your activity's committee, it makes me happy to think of the dance/game/munch nights we got to help you with - glad your latest one was such a success!
    Can hardly wait to see y'all in a couple weeks - :)