Friday, April 18, 2008

I took a speed reading course and read 'War and Peace' in twenty minutes. It involves Russia.

Woody Allen(1935 - )

Since last posting -

Saturday, Perkins Ward had a very successful family dance and game night, modeled after the Dance and Game nights Camellia City Ward enjoyed so much. Of course, Wojohwitz d.j.ed. We found that Perkins Ward seems to have more dancers willing to dance to more types of music than Camellia City Ward did, which W appreciated. Lots of people brought yummy treats. Some played games, some sat and visited. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

Sunday, I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting which was very well received which is always nice. Lots of nice people said they liked it or good job. In fact, Bishop's Counselor H wrote to me, "Also, I didn't get a chance to tell you yesterday, but you're talk was really really good. In fact, the Bishop leaned over to me when you concluded and said "Perfect". It was exactly what he was looking for and about as good a talk on repentance as I've heard." (Wow!) Now, if I could learn to live it as well as I apparently said it!

We also had Joseph's birthday dinner - baked potato bar, yummy!, chocolate cake and chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream. I gave him promise of the Speed Reading program which he has been wanting, but I procrastinated ordering for him, so his present is late.

That made at least the 4th Sunday in a row that the Sacramento family were together. I think most are looking forward to a Sunday "off" this week.

Good news and bad news about Joseph's new job –

bad news first - Whereas I work downtown just steps off the light rail, Joseph works in the opposite direction about 2 miles from light rail. He bikes to light rail, then bikes to work. Unfortunately, he had a blow out this week on the way to light rail. Fortunately, I was home because I had to take Ben to STAR testing before going to work. There went my extra hour that morning! I took Joseph to work and picked him up after work - he had to work late because we both get off at 5, I had to light rail from work to car and then drive to his work. The last couple of days, he has been borrowing Ben's bike which is really too tall for him. (Ben has been very worried about his bike.)

More bad news. In my hurry from dropping off Joseph, to dropping off Ben, to catching a train into work, I forgot to take the bike rack off my car (we had quickly stopped by home and asked Andrew to take the bike). While I was off work, the bike rack was stolen. This is especially bad because on Wednesdays, Joseph goes straight from work to Sac City College. I don’t want him biking and on light rail at night, so I pick him and his bike up after class. This week he came home and I dropped him off at light rail without his bike on the way to YM/Pack Meeting.

I tried at 3 places to get a bike rack after dropping Ben off at STAR testing Wednesday, but none of them had one in stock. Now, I am thinking about taking a little more time (and money!) and getting a hitch and a bigger bike rack – one that could hold all 4 bikes. The good news - Joseph likes the people, especially Bonita. Also, they have a label maker and a computer, but couldn’t figure out how to make them talk to each other. Joseph’s trainer worked on it for at least a day. Joseph worked on it for an hour and got it to work! On top of that, Joseph questioned a procedure and suggested a slight change which met with approval. Way to go, Joseph!

More good news - I won $100 on Blingo! We were excited in times past when we won a movie ticket. Just imagine! (Of course that was the day I got the bike rack stolen, so we know where the money is going.) If you haven't joined yet, click the Blingo thing at the top right of my blog. If you do and sign up through that link, when you win, I win too! If you invite a friend and he wins, you win. Once you join, all you do is use Blingo whenever you want to search the web.

I just had my last Pack Meeting as Acting Cubmaster. Rod K was called as Cubmaster Sunday. I told him he didn’t have to do Pack Meeting on 3 days notice! He came and seemed to enjoy it. Vivian S. did her magic act which impressed everyone. She interspersed her tricks with Cub Scouts who wanted to perform and gave them great encouragement and support. She is good!

She wants my job as Cub Chair. She is discouraged as Scout Chair and would like to swap. I am willing to let them give her my job, but I don’t think they or I want me as Scout Chair. She feels the men don’t respect her as a woman and that she is largely ignored. I am also female, so would face the same problem, but might give them more fight. Except I really don’t have time or energy. I am totally not happy with the way Scouting is run in this ward. Only the Deacons really do Scouting. I don’t think the leaders or I want to get into this. Unless they listen to me, of course. Not real likely. Also, I think the Scout Chair has more responsibilities than the Cub Chair and I don’t have what it takes right now, as much as I enjoyed that position with Troop 40. How I miss old Troop 40!!!!

And the Dover building!!!!

Other than that, I love Perkins Ward. I loved Camellia City Ward, but Perkins is great, too. Except for Scouting. And the building. I really am not a fan of the building.


  1. I'd love to read a copy of your talk, would you e-mail it to me? Sounds awesome - good job! :)

    Sorry about the bike rack, good luck with getting a new one!

    I keep forgetting to look into that Blingo, I probably will soon though. It sounds similar to MyPoints. I'm glad you won! :)

  2. Congrats on winning again, Mom!
    I do at least one search every week day, but I haven't won yet. I keep hoping...
    But I have won movie tickets on the Sac Bee's ticket thing. Winning is fun!

    Great Job, Joe!
    Make sure you document your accomplishments with the date and a description of what you did or suggested and the result.
    These will be good things to have on hand for reviews, promotions, resumes & interviews. If you don't write it down, you'll forget!
    Just make a file and keep it all together with your resume, job history & contacts or letters from past jobs. You could file it with your paycheck and banking records. You will be glad you did later!