Friday, April 11, 2008

Books Are Bad For You

I knew when I went over to babysit Wednesday, that Ruth had finished reading her birthday present, Before Green Gables, because Anne of Green Gables was on the couch.  Sure enough, when she came home, she loaned the book to me.  I am ready to pass it on to Debi now. 
Books! make it hard to sleep and to concentrate on one's work and studies.   They do make the trip back and forth to work on light rail go quickly! 
Of course, last night I did read a little when I first went to bed and should have been sleeping.  Then I woke up about 3 and resolutely DID NOT READ because I needed to sleep.  But I didn't sleep either.  I worried about things - including never having enough time at home or with my kids and never having enough energy and should I ask to be released from a calling - and I tried to sleep - and fend off the cat.  Finally, shortly after 4, I decided that if I wasn't going to sleep, I might as well enjoy myself, and read a little before taking a shower.
We have a stack of Anne books.   I am nearly half through Anne of Green Gables already.  But, here's a problem.  The next book is Anne of Avonlea and we don't have that one.  Ben told me when he showed me where the Anne books were (organizing books was one of his recent self-chosen projects).  He was right.  I don't have long to find it.
Sunday is Joseph's birthday.  We want to have his birthday dinner, but he doesn't know what he wants.  Another problem, I haven't figured out what to get him yet.   Quickly after that come Tom's, then Miriam's, then Andrew's birthdays!   I wish I was a better gifter.  Some people have  talent for knowing or finding or making good gifts.  Me, not so much.  It isn't that I don't care.  Even with wish lists, I have trouble.  Part of that is procrastination.  Joseph has things on his wish list that you don't just pop into a store and get.  At least I don't know where.  You can get them online, but that takes planning ahead.  sigh.
Remember, my mishap with not paying my credit card?  They charged me $39 late fee and $8.something and half finances charges.  And the terms of service say that once you miss a payment, you no longer get the 20-25 day grace period. Finance charges start as soon as they get the transaction.  !!  I checked online to see what transactions I already had, added the ones they didn't know about, and arranged an epayment by my credit union.  I contacted Citi to ask what my horrible fate would now be. 
They replied "However, if we do not receive your full payment by the payment due date every month, the finance charges for purchases will begin to accrue from the date the transaction is added to your balance. They will continue to accrue until payment in full is credited to your account. This means that when you make your final payment on these balances, you will pay interest for the time between the date your last statement prints and the date your payment is credited to your account.

Once you have paid your account in full by the payment due date for two consecutive months, you may again be able to take advantage of the 20-25 day grace period.

As a goodwill gesture, we have credited your account $39.00 for the late fee assessed. This credit should appear on your account within two business days. We must receive your payments by the due date in order to avoid late fees in the future."
With my payment and the goodwill gesture (that was nice), I am now actually a few dollars ahead on my account.  Hopefully, I will avoid more finance charges by authorizing payments immediately after charging something, restore my good name, get back the grace period.
Joseph is doing well in his class at SCC - I think he said he aced a recent test - and at work.  Yesterday, he figured out a  problem at work that had stumped his trainer for days.  Another happy thing for him, his friend Bonita just finished probation, always a relief.  Did I tell you about Bonita?  She is the other person in the file room. (For some reason, of the two of them, Joseph is the "lead" although he is not sure what that means.)  Bonita is an older Asian lady who says Joseph reminds her of her grandson.  They have adopted each other now.  She is probably the main reason he didn't jump at the chance to interview at the Stanford Mansion.  That and not wanting to back on his agreement to work there.
Speaking of work, it's time I get to it. 


  1. I am not surprised that they offered to credit you the late fee. They want to keep you as a customer - even though you don't regularly pay interest they make money on your account by charging the merchant a fee every time you use your card. They would much rather keep you happily using their card on a day-to-day basis than collect a $39 fee and lose you as a customer.

  2. I need to get that book!

    I feel bad because all I manage for b-days is an e-card these days. Sorry, I spoiled the surprise for all my sibs and in-laws... yep, you're getting an e-card this year! Hopefully on time. lol ;)

    When it comes to my family, don't stress. REALLY! Ryan always says he wants "nothing". Rori's too little to know any difference. Cadi is thrilled with a couple of bucks to take to the dollar store. And I don't need anything, except more hours in the day but from what I can tell, you haven't found that on sale anywhere either. ;)

    Too bad it's not our b-days that are coming up, cause then I would have just solved that for you. lol (In another month or two, when it IS our b-days coming up, reread that paragraph.)

    I suspect the others feel similar. Don't stress. We love you. That's all that matters.

  3. I love the LM Montgomery books. The Emily series was always my favorite. I should look for it for my girls. I amjealous of your time on the rail. LOL.

  4. "I am jealous of your time on the rail."
    Don't be too jealous. Most of the time I am standing up in a crowded, jerking train. Sometimes I get a little motion sick reading. One can only read a light weight book under those conditions.

    Riding during rush hour is crowded, but with a pretty decent clientele. Non rush there is more chance of smelly, rude people. OK, some of the rush hour people will rudely hog a whole seat even though people are standing, including old ladies. But they are quietly rude, at least. Sometimes, if asked, they will share. Not always. And a some of them smell of cigarettes. But, mostly they are pretty good.

    If I catch the 7:30 into work in the morning and board the back of the 3rd car, I find a group who generally ride together in the same set of seats and engage in pleasant conversation. One of them gets off about half way or less to my stop, always with a cheery good-bye. Usually, I can get his seat. Friday, one of his companions even nodded me toward it when he got off. ; )

    Going home, I can only expect a seat on Fridays, when the load is generally lighter. Other days, I am likely to ride standing. Some days I get a seat. Some days I am lucky to squeeze on at all.

    I hear that in Japan they have people packers who push people in tighter! My question is how do people ever get out at their stop? It is sometimes difficult as it is.

    One advantage of not getting a seat is that I am less likely (but not guaranteed) to fall asleep and miss my stop.

    All in all, it is less stress than fighting rush hour traffic and both less stress and considerably cheaper than trying to park downtown.