Monday, July 21, 2008

"It is better to wear out than to rust out." Bishop Richard Cumberland

The Kernel Season's popcorn seasonings I ordered on-line arrived Friday, so we had a popcorn party. 
One young lad was quite vocal about what he liked.  One ate a lot  without saying much, but he seemed happy.  The third mostly had his nose in a bicycle maintenance book.
Everyone liked "Nacho Cheese."
The boys liked "Chocolate Marshmallow" and "Kettle Corn".  I think "Chocolate Marshmallow" best.  One young man, in particular, decided to eliminate the middle man and just sprinkle flavoring on his tongue, which he also liked very much.
I liked "Parmesan and Garlic" which the aforesaid young man would not even touch.
"Barbecue" was not quite what I hoped for.  The guys didn't much care for it.  I liked it mixed with "Nacho Cheese".  
Now I have to decide what flavors to order more of so we can have some at home and I can have some at work.  It was trying to think of less deadly, expensive snacks for work that got me going.  There other flavors available, including  "Ranch" and "Apple Cinnamon." 
The man with his nose in the bike book was again trying to unravel the mystery of the constant flats.  The evening's working theory was that perhaps the rim strip was too worn and the spokes were poking the tube.  Saturday we visited yet another bike shop.  We have been unhappy with the lack of interest in customer service and some lack of product at some of the bike shops.  We have been to at least 3 other bike shops in the last month.  Joseph went to one in Folsom where they were nice enough, I think, but pretty much out of the way.  The most conveniently located says it closes at 6, but when Joseph poked his nose in a few minutes before - having come straight from work - they refused to talk to him other than to say they had just closed.  The Folsom one served him a few minutes AFTER their stated closing time.  If it didn't make him get home 2 hours later than usual, he would go there more often.  Another shop was just slightly snotty and unhelpful. 
So Saturday, it was the BicycleChef, in midtown, think you call it.  Very helpful even though short staffed and busy.  They were the first shop to be able to put a tube and tire on my bike wheel. Apparently it's a very unusual size.  They also were helpful on the subject of a bike rack for 4 bikes, so I ordered one.  They replaced Joseph's rim strip and tube.  He had them put it on just in case somehow he was doing something wrong that caused all those flats.  Joseph and Andrew put the wheel on Joseph's bike (not on mine.  My bike is rusty and I need to bring the whole thin in fo ra check up. Once I have that bike rack.)  Because I am overly indulgent, they worked on the bike in the living room and left it there.  Sunday afternoon, when no one at all was in the living room, suddenly we heard a loud HISSSSSSSSS and kerclatter.  At first I thought there was a serious boil-over in the kitchen.  But no, Joseph's bike was lying wounded on the floor, the tire totally flat.  What???!!!! 
Today I will take off work early, pick up Joseph and go back to see the Chef.  This is just crazy.
We think Joseph's bicycle is cursed.
Maybe his cat Veloz is sabotaging his bike to try to make him lose his job so he will stay home with her like he used to!  Clever cat, but who is going to pay for her maintenance if her person is unemployed?  Perhaps I should show her the sad Bee article about the shelters being overflowing with cats now - largely because of the housing crises and economy. 
Sunday was ice cream day and we did not eat any.  There is something wrong somewhere.  By the time we thought of it, we were mostly too tired and needed to get to bed so we could go to work so we can afford gas and  bike tubes.  Maybe tonight!

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