Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There's a bird in the fireplace

This month I have had 1 week I worked a full schedule. There have been doctor’s appointments, dental appointments, and lab tests all month and we are not done yet. In fact I only have time to post - and only a few minutes at that - because I didn't go to work this morning. Today Andrew has an ultrasound. (I will go to work this afternoon. sigh)

In vetting Andrew so he can turn in his mission papers, doctors discovered protein in his urine. He was instructed to drink plenty of water and retest in a couple of weeks. Even more protein. Today an ultrasound. So far we have not actually talked to the doctor since the check up when he first sent Andrew for his labs. Communications have largely been electronic. I have no clue why the protein. Looking on-line only scared me. So, I am trying not to worry about it too much until we find out something, anything. (Your faith and prayers would be appreciated!)

We did find out that Andrew must have his wisdom teeth pulled. I hope he is not quite as nervous as I am about it. (more faith and prayers, please) We finally had the initial consult with the oral surgeon. He seemed quite nice and pretty reassuring. I forgot to ask what this is going to cost me.

Yesterday, Joseph, Benjamin and I had our teeth cleaned and checked. I am so impressed that Joseph had NO tarter. I brush and floss and I always have to have tarter removed. Not big news to you maybe, but I am awed.

Saturday, I went back to the BicycleChef to pick up the bike rack. This time we dealt with the nice people again, although one of the not so great guys was in, too. The nice fellow who sold us the rack, and then put it together and on the car, is the owner. They were a little too busy for me to feel comfortable talking to him about how we felt about customer service last Monday. Joseph and I think we will just make sure we always deal with the owner or Jill. We were glad to have the bike rack when we went to the dentist Monday. Joseph loaded up his bike and I took him straight to work after our appointment.

**Benjamin just told me that he thinks there’s a bird in the blocked off by pieces of wood fireplace in the “family room” (currently bed/storage/computer room). He and Andrew are trying to fend off the cat and dog so they can move the wood and try to rescue the bird. Move the wood and try to catch the bird so they can take it outside.

We had fun Saturday.

Esther had her birthday party - Lilo and Stitch theme. Children played in the wading pools. Everyone enjoyed Hawaiian meatballs, rice and fruit. And another artfully decorated cake.

From one party to another. Perkins Ward had a BBQ and swim party. They rented the pool after hours at a local park. Unfortunately, this park does not reserve picnic areas. Our committee chair went over a couple of hours early only to find that a family had staked out half the group picnic area for a birthday celebration since 6 AM! to use at the same time as us. We had, I think 4 tables and they shared the grill. There were times when our people intruded into their space, but usually moved when enlightened. The birthday party people were pretty patient. Fortunately, a few people brought chairs and blankets. There was not much to for those not going in the pool - except eat and visit which seemed fine - and the WAC chair only planned on one hamburger or one/two hotdogs per person, but it went well. The potluck portion was plentiful - especially cakes and desserts. As long as people get enough to eat, they are pretty happy. The weather was gorgeous. Warm enough to swim, but not hot under the trees.

Church was especially good Sunday.

Good speakers in Sacrament Meeting. A gentleman who was baptized in April shared his testimony. Another brother talked about revelation, especially personal revelation. Without revelation, life would all be guess work and we would wander lost in darkness. We must seek revelation with an honest, open heart. Kimberly Welge, just returned from her mission in Hungary also talked about the blessings of prophets and revelation - as well as shared a couple of experiences.

In Relief Society, Lynda P continued the theme of heeding the prophets. Her family just finished reading (again, I am sure) about the 3 days of darkness when Christ was crucified. They talked about how the people must have felt - the people who had listened to the prophets and known the prophecies as opposed to the people who were totally unprepared. She told us that although it is sometimes scary to hear the prophecies about the last days - our days and days soon to come - how much better it is to know that God has warned us, given us advice and how to prepare, and told us that these things mean the second coming of the Lord is near. Lynda cited examples of prophetic counsel that either had no scientific foundation at the time or was so totally obvious it was almost silly to say, but those who listened, lived and taught these principles in their homes were prepared when society faced evils, temptations and challenges to those principles a few years later. -t he Word of Wisdom; the importance of the family and mother in the home; being careful with our finances, especially debt - We need to listen to the voice of warning and prepare to face without out fear the challenges of our days.

But now, on to today’s challenge of trying to find out what’s up with Andrew.

- The bird is still in the fireplace - actually up in the chimney out of reach. Ben sent down a rope from the roof and secured it hoping that will help the bird go one way or the other. He is going to have to leave it there because he is going to babysit (Ruth is leaving for Stampin'Up convention).

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