Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Less Impressed

I took an hour off of work, picked up Joseph, and fought through rush hour traffic to get to the bicycle shop that has so impressed us Saturday. The two people working Saturday were not in Monday. Two entirely different people, indeed.

The guy in the shop heard our tale, took apart the tire. looked at the tube and showed us the problem.

I asked what caused it.

Either a bad tube or it was put on wrong. No problem, he says, I'l put on a new tube and not charge you for the labor.

"Just a minute," I say. "It is either a bad tube or installed incorrectly. We bought the tube from you and your person put it on." (No one had even sat on the bike before it blew.)

"Well, we can't guarantee everything from China. I am being more than fair. I told you I won't charge for the labor. I think that is very generous."

We settled for that, but not happily. When Joseph went to the cashier, he pulled out a twenty. The cashier took the twenty and gave him some money - never stating the actual price and it's not one of those registers that shows the customer what is rung up. He did say how much change he was giving. I think it was considerably less than professional. When Joseph asked for a reciept, he got all flustered and said that he had already done whatever to the register and could not give him a reciept.

It wasn't really BAD or dishonest treatment, not what I would call good customer service. Both Joseph and I left with a sour taste in our mouths. I guess we haven't found our bike shop yet.

After yummy homemade pizza for dinner, we belatedly celebrated ice cream day by cashing in some Pint for a Pint coupons at Basking Robbins. This was particularly nice as lately I have a Moose Tracks fetish and Ben was beginnig to yearn for a little variety. I recently bought Cookies and Cream which the guys really like, but me only so-so. I told the disher - upper that they could have C and C, but that I wanted Moose Tracks. Apparently, he thought I was joking because I got Cookies and Cream. I was disapppointed. Last night, everyone got to have what they wanted. I got Maui Brownie Madness Frozen Yogurt (good, but not as good as Moose Tracks). Two guys got Mint Chocolate Chip and one got I think Pineapple Coconut, something Coconut.

Today, I have an appointment at the BloodSource. Another "pint" !

Foot or rather? Pedal Note

I told my sad tale to a co-worker who commutes by bike year round. She agreed with the bike shop guy that they are not responsible for defective tubes they sell. I find that tough to swallow, but apparently it is accepted in the biking world.

She likes Bicycle Chef and Performance Bicycle (the one I thought was snotty).


  1. I don't have an opinion on whether they should guarantee the parts they sell, different stores have different rules, but their service was still not good. They should have told Joseph how much it was right off the start and who ever heard of a business that doesn't give receipts??? That's weird. :S

  2. Be polite, but be the noisy wheel that will eventually be greased.

    After not being satisfied with the first outcome you simply ask for the name and contact information from that person's supervisor - and speak to that person. If you are unsatisfied with that outcome, you ask for their supervisor and contact info. You keep working your way up the ladder until you find someone who IS concerned about the unsatisfactory service that the store provided. Be factual, be straight-forward, and be polite. Remove the emotion from the story... Stick with the "unsatisfactory service" angle. Remember without satisfactory service most small retailers can't make it...

    If it is a "chain" store - then you will be able to move up to a corporate level... If it is a locally owned shop - then you will find your way to the owner.

    BBB and your blog are also two great tools for helping to "share" your experience. As long as it's not slanderous - and you are re-telling your story - you are good-to-go.