Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Not much news

Andrew's sonogram - the good news - his kidneys look ok. the bad news - we still don't know why the protein. He will be going in for more lab tests.

Our home teacher came last night. Not the one who fixed our leaky faucet. We have been reassigned. This one brought dinner! Italian - zita (?), spagetti squash, french bread, and pie. We certainly have been getting better HT's lately! Good dinner, good talk - alot of politics and economics. We kept him too long and his wife finally called. But before that, Tom came over and they gave Andrew a priesthood blessing.

I think the bird is still in the chimney. Ben slept on the couch in the living room so he wouldn't hear it. Which reminds me of an episode in one of the Emily books. (the only one I read so far)

Work time! Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Awesome HT! :D

    Weird about Andrew. Did the doctor have any other idea what it could be?