Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick Progress Report

Protect Marriage:

So far, we have read the Proclamation and looked at the website.  I put my name on the email list on the website.  Next, I need to make a (small) donation.  What I don't look forward to, is having to actually talk to people about it. 

Andrew's Mission Papers:
I think Andrew has finally electronically submitted his mission papers.  Although he will still need to send in some medical stuff.  He had his physical and dental check ups and some lab work done.  One of the labs showed protein in the urine. He is supposed to drink plenty of water and go back in a week or two.  Which actually should be later this week.  I guess I better check my schedule.  Sadly, but no surprise, the dentist said he needs to have his wisdom teeth out.  Groan.  We are still waiting for the referral.  I am not looking forward to that.
The Sea Room:

We have made precious little progress on the sea room.  We had to put some wood putty (or filler or something.  I did it, but I forget.) in some cracks.  Now, we have to sand that down.  Andrew and Benjamin have worked on it some, but it is slow going.


Especially as we are just over a heat wave.  And seeing blue sky this weekend for the first time in WEEKS.  Smoke from the nearly 300 wildfires throughout California has filled the valley.  Some days it was like a decent fog – except it was all smoke.  We had several days where there were no shadows, so grey was the sky.  In the midst of that we had a string of 100 plus days.  108 !  I ask you.  And just fans and a little room air conditioner.  We didn't get much done around the house!  Now it is down to the 90s.  What a relief.



  1. Wow, too bad you couldn't have just run away up here during all that. :(

    We're excited for Andrew's mission papers to officially be in. Good luck with all the medical and dental stuff. :)

  2. Well, from what I remember, getting my wisdom teeth out wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.