Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.

George Eliot, 'Mr. Gilfil's Love Story,' Scenes of Clerical Life, 1857
English novelist (1819 - 1880)


Today is Anna's adoption anniversary.  Happy Anniversary, Anna!  Her present this year is an 11 day sleep over.  Her friend, Tuffy, joined our household today while her people go to Copenhagen to visit their oldest son. 
It is Adam Carolin's birthday (son of Jacob son of Lainee) (I think he is 5).  And one of my Visiting Teaching sisters  - who also sent me an ecard, but I haven't carded her yet.  Better!

Joseph surprised me with a bag of chocolate goodies today.  Debi and Sariah both sent great e-cards.  Sariah sent a snail mail card, too! With a very generous gift to help with Andrew's mission preparation. I have also received a snail mail card from Cousin Carol (or formerly cousin by marriage) and several email greetings from various on-line business/associates.  Such fun!


The sea room saga continues –

Monday night (Family Home Evening), I read from the Ensign while the boys taped around the baseboard.   Last night, they sanded the baseboard while I fixed dinner.  Tonight is YM – actually I think it is YM/YW combined and Ben is in charge.  Maybe we will paint Thursday.  Not Andrew, though. 

Andrew will be doing the invalid bit.  Hopefully not feeling too badly.  Surgery is first thing Thursday morning.  Last night I filled a prescription for Valium for him to take before the surgery so he won't be nervous.  I thought about asking for a pill for me!

We had originally painted the entire boys' room a light, fairly bright blue.  That's the color the trim is now.  When we were trying to figure out how we were painting the sea walls, I tested in the closet.  But!  We didn't paint the entire closet water-like.  So most of it is the light blue and one end is the sea thing.  It has been bothering me, so we had to decide whether to paint the entire closet like the rest of the walls or cover over the test area with the light blue.  Fortunately for simplicity, the boys said they wanted it light blue.  Well, Ben said and no one complained.  We will do that when we do the baseboards. 

Ben also spotted two or three places on the floor which we need to do some polyurethane touch up.  (I hope that works!) 

Then! (finally) We can start moving the boys, although I haven't solved the window treatment problem yet.  Until I do, they will have to survive with the sheet on the pressure bar like David and Teresa have when they visited. 

Oh, my!  Once we start moving the boys in, I lose my "guest room!"   We need to do some major work cleaning, sorting, and - here's the really hard part – eliminating mountains of stuff pretty much everywhere, especially in the family room.  Ok, maybe it is the sorting that is the really hard part.  When we really have a family room, that is where guests will sleep.  Even less privacy.  Oh, well, cheap rates.  Before Thanksgiving!  Oh, no pressure. 

I haven't managed any study time today.  I am hoping to get some in while at home with Andrew after his surgery.

I had planned to take today off and go the coast.  A number of minor complications developed, and I decided to postpone.  I am swamped at work, for one thing.  I haven't caught up from when I was sick and off a week back in August.  Actually, I was on sick leave for a week.  I was "off" most of the month.  Now, I have my accounting class taking 2 ½ hours twice a week and some of my mental ablility much of the time.  Today has been a very busy day full of interesting little problems and challenges.  Actually, I have been enjoying it.   





  1. Ok, Sariah's snail mail card was really a card and gift to Andrew and me for his mission preparation. A very nice gift. For one thing, I think his feet will bless the name of Roser - we will get him some Doc Martins.

    She says there is another card and another gift on the way for my birthday.

    makes a mother cry

  2. As long as you're not crying for the wrong reasons! lol But you probably shouldn't be crying at work, either way. Toughin up, woman! ;)

    The first card is a coincidence to arrive on your b-day. Had I been thinking I would have sent your real b-day gift at the same time. But oh well, now you get something else to look forward to. Even though you know what it is. lol

    Have a Happy Birthday (especially since your work day is almost over now)! We love you!