Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.

William Dement, in Newsweek, 1959

Sariah recounted a weird dream she had last night. So I thought I would share mine.

I "don't dream." That is to say, I almost never remember dreaming. Wednesday night I had trouble sleeping. It seems that nights like that I am more likely to remember my dreams. (?)

Andrew (who did not look at all like Andrew. His hair was even very blond, much lighter than Benjamin's. But it was Andrew. How do you "know" these things in a dream?) and I were in our car (which also didn't look like my car, but maybe? A small station wagon.

Well, first, I think we were walking in this very large (but rather well mown) field. He was going on about how great a place it would be to play some game or other (no doubt one of the on-line role playing games or some such thing of which he is so fond) (The only thing at all like Andrew in this entire dream).

Next thing, we are in the car and he is driving it around VERY FAST and BACKWARDS all over this field. First, I calmly told him that I didn't think it was a good idea because he wouldn't be able to see any holes or other hazards. He just kept driving around crazily. For some reason, I was in the back seat, not in the passenger seat as I should be with a permit only driver. Anyway, soon I am yelling at him to stop, threatening to take away his license, and telling him that I am going to call the police.

After quite some time, we are finally stopped at the side of the road. I am furious. I tell him to give me his keys and his permit and to get out of the car. It takes him a very long time to comply. Before he gets out, he shifts slightly and repeatedly, deliberately spits on the driver's seat. I told him he had to walk home. The end.

The guys thought it was pretty funny when I told them the dream.

The dream in no way reflects what I truly think of Andrew's driving and certainly not his character.

PS – he is recovering well from his oral surgery now and the stitches have dissolved. He still must eat very carefully. If he is eating "real food" he must cut it very small and eat very slowly. (I should be on that plan!) He did scare himself by taking a flashlight and examining his mouth in the mirror. "I have BIG holes in my mouth." He is worried about things getting stuck in there and causing trouble. I told him that the wholes do pretty much fill in eventually. For now, my advice, brush, but gently.

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