Friday, September 5, 2008

Why is this thus? What is the reason for this thusness?

Artemus Ward
US humorist (1834 - 1867)
I have said again, but it still oh so true - even 3 day weekends are not long enough.  (Especially when you are old - as David affirms I am (thanks, son)- and slow - which he didn't mention)
We worked on the sea room floor last weekend.  Applied a coat of polyeurathane on Saturday.  Then it sits 18 -24 hours.  Monday we "lightly sanded it" and applied another coat.  We repeated the process last night and hope to again tonight.  Hopefully, that will be enough. Hopefully, we can declare the job done soon  and start moving the boys. (Joseph will be so happy. I say sarcastically. )  After we figure out window treatment.   I foresee a trip to IKEA soon.  We want to rig it so that we pull the shade up, rather than down to close it.  oh, No move yet.  We have to redo the baseboards which got all dinged up by the sander.  They need sanding and repainting.  We probably won't do that this weekend because the floor won't be ready to walk on until evening. 
For fun, last Saturday we watched "Windwalker."  Monday, we (Andrew, Benjamin and I and Anna. Again, Joseph didn't feel like going.) packed up some food and went to the park.  We were going to try to find a park that Andrew vaguely remembers being driven by once that he hadn't been to before.  We didn't find it, his memory of the event was rather sketchy.  We played at Howe Park briefly, then went to Cottage Park to eat where it was quieter and much less crowded.  It was pleasant and relaxing.
One message from Sunday:  Salvation is a personal matter; exaltation is a family matter.   Both Sacrament Meeting where we were reminded of the importance of the temple and temple blessings and our Relief Society lesson supported that thought.  In Sunday School, as we talked about the army of Helaman, we talked about the importance of keeping the covenants we make, and about when is war justified.
Seminary started this Tuesday.  sigh.  I have to be ready to leave for work by 6am.  Seminary starts at 6:15.  Anna was so happy to go for our walk today!  The nice thing is that Seminary lets out now at 7:05 or shortly after, so I can drop Benjamin and Anna off at home and still catch the 7:30 train to work.  That gets me to work in time to "settle in" and to eat my breakfast, or to do some make up time before my official day begins.  I dont' know if it will be enough time to do some studying for my accounting class.   It is so hard to find good study time, especially with computer access.  Our homework, quizes and exams are all on-line. 
I am very frustrated.  I called the oral surgeon to see why the insurance company turned down 2 of Andrew's wisdom teeth. First, P told me that the insurance will only authorize 2 a year.  Irma told me that is not the case.  She thought that if I called the insurance company and talked to them, they might reconsider.  I called but got a rock wall.  I tried calling my dentist office to see if the dentist could say something helpfully persuasive to the insurance people, but the receptionist was not at all hopeful.  She said that they actually usually turn down the top teeth.  She did say she would talk to the gal at the oral surgeon's office.  Although, I don't think she had by the time I called the next day.   I decided to go ahead and schedule Andrew for all 4 teeth.  Both the oral surgeon and even the insurance company said there was a slight chance that the insurance will decide to reimburse me after the fact.  I just don't want Andrew to have to go through all this again in the future if the teeth do give him trouble.  Might as well get it done all at once.   I can pay for it, it's just I had other plans for the moeny - much more plans than money, actually.  Isn't  that always the case? There goes money for the Utah trip? or house repair money which I don't have nearly enough? (same money already, acutally)   We will just take it as it comes.
I am glad to be more financially stable than probably ever in my life except maybe during the brief time I lived alone before I got married.  Poor, barely solvent, but not debt ridden.   What a relief!
I shouldnt' be here.  I need to hit the books and then get to work.   Time!  I am not quite solvent there!

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  1. As usual, you sound busy enough for at least 3 people! I do love reading about the progress of your home projects. I'm afraid of even smaller projects, like the broken thingy inside the toilet tank that I snapped in two last week while trying to do a minor repair and haven't replaced yet. Sigh. Good luck with the oral surgeon/insurance company! Thanks as usual for posting - it makes you seem closer!