Friday, August 29, 2008

There's no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting.

David Letterman
US comedian & television host (1947 - )
Which, I suppose, partly explains why I am taking (yet another) accounting class.  That's where the jobs seem to be.  And the direction I accidently fell when I started working for the State oh so long ago (before my hiatus at what I hoped was my true vocation as a mother although some would challenge my competence there).  I am now taking my 4th Accounting class.   I can tell you what I have learned so far.: 1) I don't really love accounting.  Maybe even like much.  2) You can sometimes get an A in a class without ever comprehending the material.  3) I am pretty lucky to work for the state which sponsors the class and gives me work time to attend!  
Now, that school is in session again, I am going to have less time than ever for personal persuits or friendly relationships - that is to say: don't expect many interesting posts. letters, emails, etc from me.  Ok, lack of interesting may not be a noticiable change, but ... well, anyway.  I SHOULD be spending pretty much every waking minute studying.  oh  the joy.
As school is starting up again, so shall Seminary all too soon.   Benjamin loves Seminary and that's good.  Anna loves Seminary, because I usually walk her while Ben is in class.  I don't love Seminary.  I have been doing the Seminary drive thing for a very, very long time now with few breaks.  That's ok.  But  now that I am a working woman, during Seminary, I have to be ready for work by 6am.  I am away from home close to 12 hours a day.  I get at least half an hour less sleep, and have no real time at home in the morning which usually in the summer when I have it includes catching up the dishes from the night before.  Once Andrew leaves on his mission, Ben may be less fond of Seminary when he realizes that it means more dishes left to be washed.  (Benjamin generally cleans the living room, Andrew usually does dishes)  I get rather grumpy when I come home after work to a sink full of dirty dishes and dinner to fix,  homework to do and then too often, meetings to get people to.  I fear my stamping project may be in trouble now. 
Speaking of Andrew.  The dentist recommended pulling all 4 wisdom teeth.  The oral surgeon whole-heartedly agreed.  The insurance company does not.  The insurance will only cover 2 teeth, which will cost me over $400 (insurance doesn't cover general anesthesia).  If we do the other 2 teeth that will be another $841 !!!  I am not sure what we are going to do.  I asked the Bishop and am waiting for him to get back to me.  Do we ask the dentist to revise his recommendation? I wish I had foresight on this.  If someday in his life, Andrew will need those teeth out, we should do it now.  If not, ...well,   we are just doing it to make the mission people happy.  What do they really need?     The kind of money kind of shoots down a lot of other hopes that had not quite made it to plans!  I HOPE I can still manage the trip to the MTC.   Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven, right.  Hope so!  I thought just going through having his teeth yanked (with anesthesia, thank you) was sacrifice enough without even getting to the expense!
Back to paying bills! Paying State Parks bills to earn money to pay my bills. 
Happy "According to Hoyle" Day 

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