Thursday, August 7, 2008

A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug. - Patricia Neal

Update on the Bicycle Chef -
The bike rack started wiggling frighteningly. The pin was working it’s way out! Fortunately, I had the lock on order which would replace the pin and not have that problem. When we picked up the lock, and while he put it on for me, I told the owner about the pin coming loose. He was glad to get feedback, especially as he is going to a convention soon and can talk to the supplier. But, it is a moot point, because since I ordered my rack, they changed their policy and automatically include the lock in the (now raised) price of the rack. Perhaps they were aware of the problem already.

I also spoke to him about Joseph’s never ridden tube that went flat on him. He thought perhaps his staff had misunderstood because sometimes people try to return tubes after riding on them a couple of weeks. I think not, but let it slide. Joseph was in to replace yet another tube –at least this one had a thorn in it, and the boss gave him the tube and had them put it on without charge to make up for the other time. He understands customer service.

Joseph and I are pretty happy with the Bicycle Chef – as long as we deal with the chief Chef himself, or maybe Jill. I forget, I think she is the maître d.

In other news….

Today Andrew and Benjamin are at Encampment – some (big?) LDS Boy Scout camp thing. It’s supposed to be great, but I know little about it. Andrew left yesterday and Benjamin left this morning. They come home Saturday. I miss them – even though I am at work.

Friday, David and Teresa will drive up from San Luis Obispo for the weekend. : )

Everyone wants to do laundry Saturday! This could get interesting.

Saturday I (and maybe Teresa) will also be going to the Bishop’s Storehouse and Cannery and doing some dry pack canning for our emergency supplies. First time for both of us.

Immediately after that, we will go to Ruth’s annual famous Mystery Hostess Stampin’ Up New Catalog Party. Hmmm... Stampin’Up does 2 catalogs a year now. Is the Mystery Hostess Party semi-annual now? I can’t remember.

I got a sneak peek at the catalog while I was babysitting Wednesday evening. When she got home, Ruth showed me some of her stuff from convention. It could be worse (because I already have so many great stamps) but I am in trouble. $ ; ) I am counting my pennies. I could easily order my own party here. (Easily, looking at things I like. Not quite so easily, but temptingly possible, coming up with the moolah.) Some of the new sets I really like will be on discount!

Sunday, after Sacrament Meeting (Ben had to campaign for Sacrament Meeting), Debi and Benjamin leave for Fort Bragg. Monday, the rest of my children head there. They are all spending a week together. I was specifically not invited. I am a little hurt, sad, and jealous, but expect to live. I couldn’t have afforded a week of vacation time anyway, but it would have been nice to be included and spend a little time there with them. I love Fort Bragg. My favorite people are going to my favorite camp site in my favorite state park. (Not that I have been to that many state parks to compare, but I really like MacKerricher! ) Poor me.

I think I am going to take a day off work while they are gone. My dog and I will go to the coast in the Bay area for a day. I have been wanting to do some exploring to see if there is another beach relatively handy that I like as much as Rodeo Beach.

I also intend to eat Moose Track ice cream. Maybe every day. And salad and hamburger. or if I feel particulary indulgent, some steak.

Mostly, though I am saving up vacation time for when Andrew gets his mission call. I am planning to drive him out to Utah and spend some time visiting friends and doing the tourist bit. Hopefully, Joseph and Benjamin will come, as well. We might visit Mr. Mac’s for a suit for Andrew (finances permitting!). He has 3 suits from DI (which we still need to get hemmed), so he doesn’t really need another suit. But Mr. Mac has nice suits and records all your information so if you need something replaced they can do it to match.

We will definitely spend some time in Temple Square and the new (what is it called?) Convention Center (?). I hope we can maybe hike a little in Provo Canyon for old time’s sake. I used to go there to get away during my brief stint at BYU. Maybe look around campus a bit and see what has changed in the last 30 + + years. I don’t know what else we might want to see. MTC check-ins are on Wednesday, if I remember correctly. I am thinking that we will drive up Friday-Saturday and then have Sunday – Tuesday there. We will probably stay with friends who moved from this area. (love the L's) I am hoping that my friend and I can go see Stampin’Up Headquarters. I am not sure if Andrew will be interested, so I might do that after we leave him at the MTC.

We have not done any work in the sea room since I last wrote about it except a little more sanding. I think we quit. (Ready or not) I bought some stain and some polyurethane. I don’t know if I am going to work on the floor while they are gone or not. Probably not. I am always tired after work. And I would have to lock the animals out of the room, of course. They will already be crazy lonely. And I think I would feel pretty sorry for myself working away while they all play at the beach. I have lots of things to do besides the floor, so it will probably wait a little longer.

It is almost time for the school year to begin. Oh the excitement. Even Benjamin groaned when I mentioned it. I don’t look forward to losing my few minutes extra sleep and extra time at home I got without Seminary. Anna will be glad, though. I usually walk her around the church neighborhood while Ben is in Seminary. I haven’t walked her much this summer – so much to do at home! Joseph needs to decide what class to take and get signed up. I am almost certainly taking Intermediate Accounting (blegh!) – in my work building, during the work day! What a sweet deal. I lose my lunch time, but past instructors have allowed us to eat in class. I don’t feel smart enough, but I have gotten A’s in the preceding classes. (Not that I remember any of it!)

The boys and I read the first couple of chapters of Believing Christ by Stephen Robinson before they got tired of the author saying the same thing over and over again in slightly different ways. The message is profoundly moving. He tells a tale on his wife – who, if I remember right, was a young mother who in one year just had her 3 or 4th child, completed a degree at university and was Relief Society president –and, here’s a big surprise, got burned out. She couldn’t do it all. She couldn’t be perfect in every way all the time. She just felt like quitting. Stephen says the problem was that she was trying to be perfect NOW on her own power. That she thought she HAD to be perfect now in order to become celestial. Stephen says no way can we be perfect now, but good news! We don’t have to be; we have a Savior. We only need to do our best and He will take up the rest until someday in eternity we can become perfect.

It is a great comfort.

Except I still have a problem/struggle with “do our best.” What does that really mean? I try to be good. But do I do my best? Do I ever really do my best? No matter how hard I try, I always have the nasty feeling that I could have, should have done better, tried harder. Maybe I need to read this book some more. I have read it before, but I need refreshers. Maybe I need to try harder. ; )

Lunch break is over. (and I only snacked. Bad, bad, bad) Must return to earning my keep.


  1. There must be a reason they deliberately uninvited you. That just doesn't sound like your family. I hope you have a good time and eat all the ice cream you want. Eat some for me, too.

    Yay on the lock for the rack. Certain things you just don't want sliding around. And I'd definitely only go see the chef. Why do some people think customer service is not important anymore??

    Waiting on the edge of my seat for Andrew's call.

  2. I love reading about all the stuff you're doing. The big stuff, like waiting for Andrew's call (yay for his mission, yay for a visit from you!) and the everyday stuff, like the chronicles of the bicycles. You always inspire me to try a little more, or at least complain a little less!

  3. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Pam.

    We didn't un-invite you, Mom. We had a siblings trip. There were other people who would also have been included if they were a sibling, but they aren't so they didn't come either.

    I remember a trip to Yosemite that I wasn't invited to go on, but that doesn't mean I was un-invited.

    It would be fun to plan a trip or outing with the whole family. It sounds like you are short on vacation time with your plans with Andrew though, so we'll have to look at our Saturdays. Or maybe a Friday evening.

    That's great that you will be able to go to Utah with Andrew & get to visit with friends. That would be so cool to see the Stampin' Up! headquarters. Do they have tours there? It sounds like a fun trip (as long as saying goodbye doesn't make you too sad!).